FacEx Minutes November 30, 2021

Faculty Senate Executive Committee Minutes – FacEx, November 30, 2021

Approved: January 25, 2022


Present: Nate Brunsell, Rémy Lequesne, Hossein Saiedian, Nick Syrett, Corey Maley, Patricia Gaston, Kyle Velte, Ani Kokobobo


Visitors: Susan Williams, Emma Scioli, Alyssa Wingo


Also Present: Kathy Reed, Tessa Maclean


Lequesne gave a brief update on the proposed discussion of an Absentee Policy for the USRR.

Williams noted that in 2014, she had asked Faculty Senate to review the idea of an absent policy. FRPR decided that the concept and draft were not in-line with faculty rights. Instead, faculty members should use their syllabus to determine absences. Williams added that she had also brought up the subject with the Chancellor in her role as the Faculty Athletic Representative. Williams received complaints that students in athletics were having issues with missing classes for competition and then being penalized in their courses.

In 2018, Williams again approached the Interim Provost and Chancellor Girod about the concept. Williams also discussed this with Vice Provost Durham. A draft policy was sent to the AP&P Committee. 


Lequesne opened the floor for discussion:

Some of the items raised:

  • Should vs Shall
  • How binding is the policy?
  • Many faculty already do this
  • Some faculty don’t allow any missed classes for any reason. 
  • The draft seems to be redundant. There needs to be clean, clear language.
  • Does this override the final exam policy?
  • Where does the responsibility of verifying excused absences fall (faculty vs a committee/group)?

FacEx discussed the various concerns and ideas. A decision was made to review how the policy would apply to final exams, quizzes, and exams other than finals. 

Williams, Maley, Reed, and Maclean will review possible changes to the draft and report back to FacEx.


Approval of November 9, 2021, Minutes – Approved


University Senate President Report: Hossein Saiedian

Saiedian reported that the University Senate would be meeting on Thursday, December 2, 2021, to review and vote on AP&P recommendations for Program Discontinuance. 


Faculty Senate President Report: Rémy Lequesne

Lequesne had nothing to add.


Discussion of FSRR 2.5 “Credit Cap” proposal

  1. No urgency with this; just bringing it up to get familiar
  2. If we want to elect to do this, we need to change our rules
    1. The Edwards are expected to take advantage of this change
    2. FacEx agreed to send the proposal to AP&P as a charge. Lequesne will meet with the chair about the proposal.


Old Business –
Sexual assault prevention – Kokobobo

Kokobobo noted that currently, the CARE (Campus Assistance, Resources, and Education) Coordinator has spoken with faculty members regarding accommodations for a student who was a victim of sexual assault.   The faculty have been hesitant to provide accommodations. A suggestion has been to revise the USRR to allow the Care Coordinator, along with the faculty member and the student to determine the accommodations. 

The next step is to form a small working group to review this. FacEx agrees, but Lequesne added that the group needed also to keep an eye on the Absence Policy.


General Education policy – Syrett – No update.


Broadcast emails – This is an ongoing issue. The Provost has agreed that Faculty Senate should send out their own emails. 


USRR 2.3.3 Compassionate withdrawal – Lequesne

       Is there any further discussion before the amendment is sent to SenEx for review?

       It will be forwarded to SenEx for review.



New Business –

University policy program policy (https://policy.ku.edu/university-policy-program)

Lequesne has been working with the Policy Office regarding the change of policies. It is currently up to the “stakeholder”  to include Governance leaders or not. Lequesne would like the policy to be updated to reflect that the workgroup is required to contact Governance. Governance leaders would then make a determination if they needed to review and or approve.



Meeting adjourned.