FacEx Minutes February 8, 2022

Faculty Senate Executive Committee – FacEx, February 8, 2022
Approved February 22, 2022


Present: Hossein Saiedian, Rémy Lequesne, Nick Syrett, Nate Brunsell, Kyle Velte, Corey Maley, Patricia Gaston, Ani Kokobobo


Also present: Tessa Maclean, Kathy Reed



University Senate President Report: Hossein Saiedian

    1. Reminder to complete the Faculty survey.   
    2. Jeff Dewitt will be attending the next SenEx meeting.



Faculty Senate President Report: Rémy Lequesne

            See the report at the end of the minutes

Amendment to University Senate Code: Faculty Senate membership (see below)

            Motion made to approve the amendment membership, as presented.

            Motion passed unanimously. 


Program Discontinuance Discussion – This is a going discussion. 



Jayhawk Global –

Many first heard of this was Thursday during the University Senate meeting, when the provost mentioned.   An email was sent with some information. We have heard from faculty who are concerned about what this means, as they have worked with the Center for Online Distance Learning.

Members agreed they would like to invite Dean Kearny to FacEx. They could also Include staff to attend to hear more about the program. 



Items for Faculty Senate Agenda


Old Business –
                   Procedures for Policy Development – Lequesne  - pending

Data Analytics Task Group – Lequesne  - It was suggested that Governance have a committee on data use that Nick Stevens would report to. 

Sexual assault prevention/accommodations – Kokobobo – group is meeting working on next week, moving forward

USRR Article VIII – Program Discontinuance – Kokobobo – stalled, general counsel. It seems to be getting more complicated, it was mentioned that KUMC had a policy, and KU Lawrence should look at their policy. 

General Education policy – Syrett met last week, committee people at KU are monitoring how statewide transfer programs would work on our campus. 

FRB Procedures – Lequesne  - no movement.  


New Business –

A resolution addressing staff working conditions – Lequesne will ask about having someone draft a statement. 


COACHE Survey of Faculty




Meeting adjourned.



CODE Article II. Section 1 - Faculty Senate Membership


The Faculty Senate Executive Committee determined that the following faculty titles were eligible for Faculty Senate membership:

Professor of the Practice, Associate Professor of Practice, Assistant Professor of Practice, Teaching Professor, Associate Teaching Professor, and Assistant Teaching Professor.

To maintain transparency, it is recommended that this becomes part of the University Senate Code.  


University Senate Code

Article II. Faculty Senate: Structure and Functions

Section 1. Membership


1) those members of the teaching faculty and of the library faculty who possess tenure;

2) those non‑tenured members of the faculty of the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor; non‑tenured members of the faculty with full‑time appointment to the rank of instructor, or lecturer,; professor of the practice, associate professor of practice, assistant professor of practice, teaching professor, associate teaching professor, or assistant teaching professor; members of the library faculty of equivalent rank; unclassified academic staff who possess the terminal degree appropriate to their academic discipline.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee (“FacEx”) is empowered to decide questions of eligibility for Faculty Senate membership, and also to grant the privilege of voting or non‑voting membership to such university personnel as may from time to time hold a position not specifically enumerated in this Section but comparable to a position so enumerated.