FacEx Minutes February 22, 2022

Faculty Senate Executive Committee – FacEx February 22, 2022

Approved: March 29, 2022


Present:  Nate Brunsell, Remy Lequesne, Hossein Saiedian, Nick Syrett, Ani Kokobobo, Corey Maley, Patricia Gaston


Also Present: Tessa Maclean, Kathy Reed



Approval of February 8, 2022, Minutes


University Senate President Report: Hossein Saiedian

The Health and Wellness committee from Jayhawk Rising is seeking a faculty member, if you are interested, please contact Remy  


Faculty Senate President Report: Rémy Lequesne

At the KBOR meeting, they voted to hire the rpk Group. They will be looking at:

Return on investment

Data analysis

Duplications across KBOR schools

Matching market demand.

Faculty Senate nominations are open, please be thinking about colleagues you would nominate. Also, the incoming Senate Leaders may want to think about who they would like to serve as President-Elects.


Chris Brown is going to put a small working group together to look at implementing the Visitors Policy.


Discussion of University Senate Code Article II, Section 1: Faculty Senate Membership

  One of the comments received, noted that some titles had been left out. A suggestion was to simplify the definition of who was eligible for election to Faculty Senate, to avoid confusion.


The following persons are eligible for election to the Faculty Senate:

1) individuals with an employee classification of faculty, including the library faculty, who possess tenure;

2) individuals with an employee classification of faculty or unclassified academic staff with full‑time appointments.

1) those members of the teaching faculty and of the library faculty who possess tenure;

2) those non‑tenured members of the faculty of the rank of assistant professor, associate professor, or professor; non‑tenured members of the faculty with full‑time appointment to the rank of instructor, or lecturer,; professor of the practice, associate professor of practice, assistant professor of practice, teaching professor, associate teaching professor, or assistant teaching professor; members of the library faculty of equivalent rank; unclassified academic staff who possess the terminal degree appropriate to their academic discipline.

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee (“FacEx”) is empowered to decide questions of eligibility for Faculty Senate membership, and also to grant the privilege of voting or non‑voting membership to such university personnel as may from time to time hold a position not specifically enumerated in this Section but comparable to a position so enumerated.

After discussion, a motion was made to present this alternate version at the February 24, 2022, Faculty Senate meeting.


Supportive measures –   USRR Article II. Academic Wor4k and Its Evaluation

Section 1. Recorded Evaluation of Student Performance.



2.1.6 Students impacted by sexual assault or intimate partner violence may request supportive measures from faculty. In order to request these measures, students may enlist the assistance of a third party of the student’s choosing (potential third party entities include Student Affairs and the Care Coordinator). If a mutually satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, a third party shall mediate (potential mediators include the Ombuds office).



USRR Article I. Section 3. Final Examination Schedules

1.3.11 Students impacted by sexual assault or intimate partner violence may be excused from being present for the final examination. The instructor and student shall come to a mutually agreeable method of making up the missed examination. Students should initiate discussion with the instructor prior to the examination/test, and they may request assistance for supportive measures from a third party (potential third party entities include Student Affairs and the Care Coordinator).



Kokobobo will provide the rationale, and forward to governance by Friday, February 25, 2021. It will be added to the March 1, 2022, SenEx agenda. Lequesne will also ask the chair of FRPR, if they have any comments.


Excused absences – Maley/Reed

Review of revised policy:  Request to add subsections, and take out comments, so the document is easier to read.



Old Business –
USRR Article VIII – Program Discontinuance – Kokobobo

The Ad-Hoc Committee rewrote the full article. Currently, if no agreement is made, we would keep the original document. There may be an opportunity to add one piece that we felt strongly about, which was to have a review step in the sense that these programs are being discontinued with no warning.


Faculty Senate DEIB Committee – Kokobobo – The goal of the committee is to look inward, to see if there are trainings, beneficial for the faculty senate. I think a committee that could look at DEIB work across campus and evaluate their efforts.


General Education policy – Syrett – No update.


FRB Procedures – Lequesne- General Counsel sent a revised document. The comments extensive. The Chair, Lou Mulligan, is going to review, and then the committee will meet and discuss.


Procedures for Policy Development – Lequesne: Brown talked with Curran, and Lequesne will be meeting with Brown and Curran.


Data Analytics Task Group – Lequesne still working on.


New Business –

Resolution addressing staff working conditions, there is a draft resolution, Lequesne will be meeting with Tim Spencer and Jessica to see how they feel about the resolution.



FRPR is working on a resolution regarding freedom of expression and critical race theory.


Meeting adjourned