FacEx Minutes April 12, 2022


Faculty Senate Executive Committee – FacEx April 12, 2022

Approved: April 26, 2022




Approval of March 29, 2022, Minutes

Gaston made a motion to approve, seconded by Syrett. Motion passed. Minutes approved.


University Senate President Report: Hossein Saiedian

No update.



Faculty Senate President Report: Rémy Lequesne

            There was a meeting with the Provost last week. Some of the concerns raised:

AP scores, they are reviewed every five years. Two or more KBOR schools may request a review of the current score. The KBOR English chairs voted unanimously to raise the score from 3 to 4. The Council of chief academic officers, from KBOR, sited accessibility concerns in the change of the score. This is being reviewed.

The KBOR is working towards giving raises next year. The KBOR requires some type of merit to be included. We are advocating that if they are going to implement a raise halfway through the year, it should come with a bonus, since the legislature appropriate funds at the start of the fiscal year.


Chancellor approved teaching workload policy.


The Director of the Center for Sexuality and Gender Diversity is putting together an advisory and action group. They would like a faculty member.

Syrett agreed to serve on the group.



Old Business –

Suggestions for Restoring Shared Governance:

The Chancellor asked to meet with us, a couple of us governance leaders, along with

the provost, to discuss the resolution. You received a link to a google doc. Please review and let us know if you have any suggestions for the document.


Kansas Board of Regents rpk Group  – Lequesne academic affairs, program review,


Data Analytics – Lequesne, Alexander and Monroe-Gulick, met to discuss how data is used on campus. There needs to by a policy, to indicate the limits of how data is used. No next steps identified. More information on web site and better communications.


Resolution in Support of KU Staff – will be on upcoming Faculty Senate agenda


General Education policy – Syrett


New Business –

Faculty Senate Elections for President, President-Elect, and FacEx/SenEx members: April 21, 2022, incoming and current


University Senate Elections for President-Elect and Vice President: April 28, 2022



Meeting adjourned.