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University Senate - 4/9/15

University Senate
April 9, 2015 - 3:30pm
Room 203 Law School

(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)

I.          Announcements

II.        Approval of minutes from March 5, 2015

III.       Standing Reports

            A.  University Senate President Jonathan Mayhew

            B.  Faculty Senate President Jim Carothers

            C.  Student Senate President Miranda Wagner

            D.  Unclassified Senate President Amanda Ostreko

            E.  University Support Staff Senate President Chris Wallace

IV.       Recommendation from Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (AP&P) to Discontinue an Inactive Program

V.        KU Procedures for the Board of Regents Social Media Policy

VI.       Old Business

VII.      New Business






Approved: 4/23/2015

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Faculty – Jonathan Mayhew, Jim Carothers, Mahasweta Banerjee, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Thomas Beisecker, Kelly Chong, Antha Cotten-Spreckelmeyer, Mohamed El-Hodiri, Chuck Epp, Christopher Fischer, Lisa Friis, Pam Keller, Jeremy Martin, Mario Medina, Kirk McClure, Gerald Mikkelson, Nancy Kinnersley, Steve Padgett, Allan Pasco, Meagan Patterson, Angela Rathmel, Marlesa Roney, Bill Staples, Barney Warf, Mike Williams, Susan Williams.  Students – Garrett Wolfe, Harrison Baker, Sarah Elliot, Kaitlyn Klein, Logan Sutton, Richie Hernandez, Garrett Fugate, Emma Halling, Brent Lee, Miranda Wagner. .Unclassified Staff – David Day, Keah Cuningham, Greg Smith, Elizabeth Phillips, Michael Krings. University Support Staff – Chris Wallace, Peggy Robinson.Ex-Officio non-voting –  Provost Jeff Vitter


EXCUSEDFaculty – Phil Barringer, Jay Childers, Katherine Clark, David Fowle,  Andrea Greenhoot, Kissan Joseph, Roberta Freund Schwartz, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Barbara Timmerman, Lisa Wolf-Wendel, Susan Williams, Sandra Gray, Paul Laird, Elizabeth MacGonagle, Stuart Macdonald. University Support Staff – Charlotte Goodman, David Weakley Unclassified Staff – Michelle Denton Students -   Alex Montgomery, Omar Rana, Carla Rivas-D’Amico

ALSO PRESENT:  Molly Mulloy and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Vice Provost Mary Lee Hummert, Amy Smith, Policy Office;

President Jonathan Mayhew called the meeting to order.

MINUTES for March 5, 2015 were approved.


University Senate President – No report at this time.

Faculty Senate President –  Jim Carothers reported that the Faculty Senate continues to consider amendments to the Faculty Code of Conduct and will have a special meeting on April 16th.

Student Senate President – Miranda Wagner reported Student Senate held its last full meeting last week and approved a student fee bill of $455/semester for FY-16. Elections for Student Senate will be held next week.

Unclassified Senate President – Reporting for Amanda Ostreko, Mike Krings said the new Staff Senate’s organizational meeting is on April 15, with election of officers on May 1, and the first full meeting of the new senate on May 13.

University Support Staff (USS) Senate President – No report at this time.


            Jim Carothers/Ron Barrett-Gonzalez moved the approval of the following resolution to the Chancellor, which passed without dissent.


In light of KU’s policies on non-discrimination and the report of the Task Force on Domestic Partner Benefits, prepared by Professor Margaret Severson, the University Senate urges you to support wholeheartedly the granting of benefits to the domestic partners of all eligible University employees. The Senate believes that the addition of these benefits would not only be a fitting public recognition and appreciation of domestic partners, but would also be a welcome addition to the package of benefits we now offer prospective employees.  The University Senate stands ready to assist you in this worthwhile endeavor.”



            Mayhew stated that the AP&P Committee approved the Engineering School’s request to discontinue its inactive Ph.D. program in Mechanical Engineering. Per University Senate Rules 8.3.4, the request must also be approved by the University Senate, which voted to approve the request.


            Mayhew stated that the motion to discuss Jerry Mikkelson’s substitute version of KU’s SMP procedures was tabled at the March 5th Senate meeting. He clarified that student employees, including GTAs and GRAs, are not covered by the Board of Regents policy and should not be included in KU’s procedures. Lecturers, who have faculty appointments, and staff who are also taking courses, are both covered in the KU procedures.  In the discussion that followed, Provost Jeff Vitter pointed out that the Social Media Policy in the Regents’ Policy Manual [section 6.b.5, pg. 102] specifically refers to “faculty or non-student staff member.”  Mayhew said it would be useful to add a sentence to the final KU procedures clarifying that the policy does not apply to students.

            Tom Beisecker/Lisa Wolf-Wendel moved to take the Mikkelson Substitute SMP Procedures off the table. The motion passed. Harrison Baker/Sara Elliott moved that a statement be added at the beginning of the KU procedures that they do not apply to students, and that any references to students serving on the SMP committees be removed. Passed.

            Ron Barrett- Gonzalez stated that he recently held a couple of meetings at his home for University Senate members to discuss the KU AAUP’s concerns regarding possible conflict of interest issues in disciplinary hearings. Barrett-Gonzalez/Baker moved to add the following language on Conflict of Interest and Legal Advice to the Mikkelson Substitute SMP Procedures. Following brief discussion, the motion passed. The amendments are:

 “Conflict of Interest.  Actual or perceived conflicts of interest between any and all of the entities and individuals in these proceedings are to be discouraged.  All participants in the hearings whose positions are not specifically described in the sections above must be free of even the appearance of a conflict of interest with any of the parties or entities in the case.  Any and all individuals whose positions are not specifically described in the above sections outlining the “Initial Review Panel” or “Substantive Review Board” and are asked to render advice or opinions to the Panel or Board must be proposed to the Faculty Rights Board no less than two weeks in advance of the hearing (in the case of the hearing for a faculty member) or the University Senate Executive Committee (in the case of any other university employee) and approved by those bodies no less than one week in advance of the hearing as having neither actual nor perceived conflicts of interest with any of the parties or entities in the case.”

 “Legal Advice.  In the event the Initial Review Panel or the Substantive Review Board need or desire legal advice, such advice should be sought from an independent consulting attorney whose fees are to be paid by the Main Administration.”

            David Day reminded members that at the last senate meeting, Mikkelson accepted a friendly amendment to change the word “shall” to “may” in the second paragraph of the section on the Initial Review Panel. The sentence would then state: “One of the designees… shall may be a member of the employee class…”

            The vote on the Mikkelson substitute version of the KU procedures, as amended, passed. Mayhew will forward it to the Provost, and any further changes made by the Provost will be brought back to the University Senate.  Mayhew commented that we made substantial progress this year to find procedures that will work for KU faculty and staff. He thanked all those who contributed to the development and discussion of KU’s procedures for the Regents’ Social Media Policy.

No further business.

Respectfully submitted,

Molly Mulloy

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