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University Senate - 4/23/15

University Senate
April 23, 2015 - 3:30pm
Room 203 Law School

(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)


AGENDA – FY16 Senate

(FY16 President Mike Williams presiding)

I.             Introductions

II.            Election of President-elect for FY16

  • Only the FY-16 faculty and staff members may nominate/vote – see blue list
  • The FY-15 student members may nominate/vote

III.           Adjournment


AGENDA – FY15 Senate

(FY15 President Jonathan Mayhew presiding)

I.             Announcements

II.            Approval of minutes from April 9, 2015

III.           Standing Reports

                A.            University Senate President Jonathan Mayhew

                B.            Faculty Senate President Jim Carothers

                C.            Student Senate President Miranda Wagner

                D.            Unclassified Senate President Amanda Ostreko

                E.            University Support Staff Senate President Chris Wallace

IV.          “Diversity – Student and Faculty Success” (Nate Thomas, Vice Provost for Diversity and Equity)


V.            Old Business

VI.          New Business



April 23, 2015

3:30 p.m. - 203 Green Hall

Approved: 5/7/15

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Faculty – Jonathan Mayhew, Jim Carothers, Mahasweta Banerjee, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Phil Barringer, Jay Childers, Thomas Beisecker, Kelly Chong, Katherine Clark, Mohamed El-Hodiri, Chris Elles, Pam Fine, Lisa Friis, Andrea Greenhoot, Lynn Hancock, Joe Harrington, Kissan Joseph, Pam Keller, Sandra Gray, Paul Laird, Elizabeth MacGonagle, Jeremy Martin, Mario Medina, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Nancy Kinnersley, Steve Padgett, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Allan Pasco, Meagan Patterson, Angela Rathmel, Geraldo Sousa, Dean Stetler, Belinda Sturm, Roberta Freund Schwartz, Bill Staples, Barbara Timmerman, Mike Williams, Susan Williams, Lisa Wolf-Wendel; Students – Harrison Baker, Sarah Elliot,  Richie Hermandez, Emma Halling, Brent Lee, Miranda Wagner. Staff - –Michael Krings, Terri Chambers, Emily Lee, Margaret Mahoney, Susan Shaw, Tanya Spacek, Liz Phillips, Peggy Robinson, Chris Wallace, David Weakley Ex-Officio non-voting–  Provost Jeff Vitter

EXCUSEDFaculty – Antha Cotten-Spreckelmeyer, Chuck Epp, Christopher Fischer, David Fowle, Stuart Macdonald, Kirk McClure, Gerald Mikkelson, Marlesa Roney, Barney Warf, Mary Banwart, Jonathan Clark, Majid Hannoum, Jason Matejkowski, Staff - Charlotte Goodman, Keah Cunningham, Kristine Latta, Michelle Ginavan-Hayes, Cynthia Davis, Michelle Denton, David Day, Greg Smith. Students - Alex Montgomery, Garrett Wolfe, Kaitlyln Klein, Logan Sutton, Garrett Fugate, Omar Rana, Carla Rivas-D’Amico

ALSO PRESENT:  Molly Mulloy and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Vice Provost Mary Lee Hummert; Amy Smith, Policy Office.

            President Jonathan Mayhew welcomed incoming FY-16 University Senate President Mike Williams and FY-16 Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker to the podium. In lieu of the traditional engraved gavels given to incoming presidents, Mayhew and Jim Carothers presented the new presidents with a single hammer, with “Shared Service Hammer” hand-printed on one side and their initials MW and TB on the reverse side. Members chuckled as Carothers explained that the simple wooden hammer for the leaders to share was more in keeping with university budget constraints. 

Meeting of the FY-16 University Senate



            President Mike Williams thanked members who were present for last week’s Senate discussion and expressed hope that the same spirit of honesty and respect carries over to FY-16. Looking ahead, he said it’s important to know that the state’s new gun law goes into effect in January 2017. Williams stated that if senators, as a body, hope to have any influence with the Regents or the legislature about this issue, we will need to take action in the fall semester. He has heard serious concern expressed by many people that they do not think that guns, either open carry or concealed carry, whether licensed or unlicensed, are conducive to a collegial academic atmosphere on college campuses in Kansas.  

Election of the University Senate President-Elect

            Jim Carothers nominated Joe Harrington for president-elect. There were no further nominations, and Harrington was elected by acclamation.

            Williams explained that Student Senate has not yet elected its representatives to the FY-16 University Senate, so the election of a student to serve as vice-president of University Senate will take place at our first meeting in the fall.

No further business.

The meeting of the FY-16 Senate adjourned.


Meeting of the FY-15 University Senate



            Jonathan Mayhew announced that Maureen Altman has been hired as the new administrator for the Governance Office and will begin on May 11th.  He thanked Molly Mulloy for returning from retirement in February to fill the position on an interim basis.

MINUTES for 4/9/2015 were approved.


University Senate President. Mayhew reported that no response has been received from the Provost yet regarding the Social Media Policy approved by the senate on 4/9/2015.

Faculty Senate President. Jim Carothers said at its final meeting next Tuesday, FacEx will consider a resolution recently passed by Student Senate suggesting that faculty add information on their syllabi regarding mandated reporter status and supportive service information in regard to issues such sexual assault.

Student Senate President. Miranda Wagner reported that Student Senate elections were held last week. The new Student Senate Vice President, Zach George, will be replacing her on SenEx and University Senate next year. The joint meeting of the incoming and outgoing Student Senate is next week.

Unclassified Staff Senate. Amanda Ostreko said that the old Unclassified Senate held its last meeting ever yesterday; it has now been replaced by the new Staff Senate.

University Support Staff Senate. Chris Wallace reported that registrations are currently underway for the Mini-Wheat State Tour for staff on May 8th.


            Mayhew welcomed Dr. Nate Thomas to the meeting.

            Dr. Thomas noted that having been at KU for seven months now, he wanted to provide an update on diversity and equity issues. He distributed two handouts that were referenced in his remarks, and noted that part of his vision for the future includes how to make KU a leader in diversity and to have our peer institutions look at us for our best practices. Other priorities include building our diversity infrastructure across campus, developing a diversity strategic plan, and weaving diversity into the fabric of the university. He described how diversity could be viewed from a holistic and inclusive perspective to include internal factors like race/gender/religion, external factors such as marital status/education, and organizational dynamics such as our job role and different classifications.

Referring to a chart entitled “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Structure at KU,” Thomas said that KU is already doing some great things with offices such as Multicultural Affairs, the Emily Taylor Center, and multicultural scholars program, among others. He cited the Schools of Engineering, Law and Education as examples of units that are already moving forward by appointing diversity directors or committees in their units.  He spoke about the new Diversity Leadership Work Group, made up of about forty faculty/staff/students/administrators  from across campus, which has provided feedback and is working on three charges related to campus climate, representation, and education/training. He emphasized that faculty and staff need to know what to do when a student comes to them with a problem such as sexual harassment or discrimination.

            Thomas said there will be a forum for faculty on August 19, followed by a forum for staff at a later date, to discuss steps faculty can take from a diversity perspective to help individuals become more successful. He is also forming advisory groups to provide feedback from faculty and staff as to whether we are moving in the right direction and to identify gaps in the process. He recently held a workshop with deans and associate deans to look at strengths and gaps in their units and how to develop diversity strategies in their areas.

Thomas referred members to a handout that listed definitions of diversity and non-discrimination policies and links to the various KU offices that serve as resources for faculty, staff, and students. He answered several questions from Senate members and was thanked by Jonathan Mayhew for his presentation today.


 No further business.

Respectfully submitted,

Molly Mulloy


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