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University Senate 10/09/2014

University Senate
October 9, 2014 - 3:30pm
Room 203 Law School

(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)

I.          Announcements

II.         Approval of minutes from September 11, 2014

III.        Standing Reports

            A.  University Senate President Jonathan Mayhew

            B.  Faculty Senate President Jim Carothers

            C.  Student Senate President Miranda Wagner

            D.  Unclassified Senate President Amanda Ostreko

            E.  University Support Staff Senate President Chris Wallace

IV.       Election of University Senate Vice President (a student)

V.         Discussion of Proposed Changes to USRR regarding Short-Term Military Leave (USRR ART. I, Sec. 3 & 4)

VI.        Approval of Inactive Program Discountenances

  1. Doctor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering

     B.  Joint MA and MBA in REES, EALC, and LACS

VII.       Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little

VIII.      Old Business





October 9, 2014 – 3:30 p.m.

203 Green Hall

Approved as amended November 6, 2014

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Faculty – Jonathan Mayhew, Jim Carothers, Mahasweta Banerjee, Philip Baringer, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Tom Beisecker, Antha Cotten-Spreckelmeyer, Lisa Friis, Sandra Gray, Andrea Greenhoot, Pamela Keller, Nancy Kinnersley, Paul Laird, Jeremy Martin, Mario Medina, Gerald Mikkelson, Paul Outka, Steve Padget, Allan Pasco, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Meagan Patterson, Marlesa Roney, Roberta Freund Schwartz, Bill Staples, Barney Warf, Mike Williams, Susan Williams.  Students – Omar Rana, Harrison Baker, Sarah Elliot, Logan Sutton, Bahar Barani, Michael Walker, Emma Halling, Lauren Gaylor, Miranda Wagner.  Unclassified Staff – Mishelle Denton, David Day, Keah Cunningham, Greg Smith, Elizabeth Phillips, Michael Krings.  University Support Staff – Charlotte Goodman, Chris Wallace, David Weakley.  Ex-Officio non-voting – Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little; Unclassified Senate President Amanda Ostreko.


EXCUSEDFaculty – Katherine Clark, Mohamed El-Hodiri,  Kim Glover, Kissan Joseph, Barbara Timmermann, Lisa Wolf-Wendel.  Students – Alex Montgomery, Kaitlyn Klein.  University Support Staff – Peggy Robinson.


ALSO PRESENT:  Riley Mortensen and Lydia Baas, University Daily Kansan; Kathleen Levy and Kathy Reed, University Governance.

President Jonathan Mayhew called the meeting to order.

University Senate approved the minutes for September 11, 2014.


University Senate President – Mayhew reported that SenEx has been working on the Social Media Policy procedures.  When SenEx has completed its work, the procedures will be brought to University Senate.

Faculty Senate President – Carothers reported that FacEx has been working on the Faculty Code of Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct.  There is no Faculty Senate meeting today but Carothers will stay after the University Senate meeting to talk to faculty about the Faculty Code.  Carothers noted that he recently attended the BOR meeting.  BOR is in the process of selecting their objectives for the year.  They are interested in credit for prior learning and performance based funding.  The KU STEM Program was held up as a model for reallocation.  Council of Faculty Senate Presidents (COFSP) identified a number of topics for discussion this year.  Carothers is particularly interested in transfer articulation agreements.

Student Senate President – Wagner noted that Student Senate is currently involved in allocating funds.  They expect the Sexual Assault Task Force recommendations to impact the Student Code.  Student Senate also discussed the Social Media Policy with regard to graduate students.

Unclassified Senate President – Ostreko reported that their committees have started work for the year.  They have several events coming up including a writing group, KU Hunger Awareness Summit, a staff mixer Halloween lunch, and a stress management workshop.  They are also taking applications for Professional Development Funds.  At the recent BOR meeting, Unclassified representatives talked about domestic partner benefits.

University Support Staff President – Wallace reported that the One Staff Senate Task Force has completed work on a proposed Staff Senate Code and a transition document.

ELECTION OF UNIVERSITY SENATE VICE PRESIDENT (a student) – Halling/Walker nominated Miranda Wagner for the position of University Senate Vice President.  Wagner was elected unanimously.

PROPOSED CHANGES TO USRR REGARDING SHORT-TERM MILITARY LEAVE – Mayhew called on AP & P Chair Mike Williams to explain the proposed amendments.  Williams briefly related the history of the proposed changes.  Last spring students proposed the addition of USRR 1.3.9 and 1.4.5.  University Senate decided to refer the amendments to AP & P.  AP & P made minor revisions to the original proposal. 

It was suggested that the proposed provisions be modified so that they would not be limited to “domestic crises” but would apply to temporary orders outside the U.S. also.  Carothers/Krings moved that the proposed USRR 1.3.9 be amended as follows:

1.3.9 Students currently serving as members of the Reserve or Active Components of the United States Armed Forces or the National Guard of the United States who receive temporary orders necessitating their absence from the final examination for domestic crises or training exercises shall be excused from being present for the final examination. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate discussion with the instructor, prior to the final examination if possible.  The instructor and student shall come to a mutually agreeable method of making up the missed examination.

1.4.5 Students currently serving as members of the Reserve or Active Components of the United States Armed Forces or the National Guard of the United States who receive temporary orders for necessitating their absence from the a scheduled examination, quiz, or  test  domestic crises or training exercises shall be excused from being present  for the scheduled examination, quiz, or test.  It is the responsibility of the student to initiate discussion with the instructor, prior to the examination/test if possible.  The instructor and student shall come to a mutually agreeable method of making up the missed work.

(Strike through is deleted language; bold is added language.)  The motion passed.  Martin/Carothers moved that a vote be taken on the proposed amendments at the present meeting.  Passed.  The question was called.  Passed unanimously.

APPROVAL OF INACTIVE PROGRAM DISCONTINUANCES – AP & P reviewed the following inactive programs and recommended that their discontinuance be approved:

Doctor of Engineering Degree in Electrical Engineering

Joint MA and MBA in Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (REES), East Asian Languages and Cultures (EALC), and Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS)

Laird/Barani moved that these inactive program discontinuances be approved.  Passed unanimously.

CHANCELLOR BERNADETTE GRAY-LITTLE – The Chancellor’s main topic was sexual assault but she began with remarks about two other items.  First, she noted the increased enrollment at KU as a whole but particularly in the first year class.  This year’s first year class is both diverse in many aspects and has the second highest ACT scores in KU history.  Second, some Kansas legislators have become interested in performance based funding which is funding based on meeting or exceeding criteria.  BOR is working to develop a model for higher education institutions in Kansas.  She will share more information as it develops.

The Chancellor began her remarks about sexual assault by noting that it has been a turbulent month starting with attention getting articles in the Huffington Post and University Daily Kansas.  Due to privacy concerns, KU did not respond to these articles.  The Chancellor focused her remarks on how the KU community is responding to the situation and what we need to do.  She stated that KU’s procedures are robust and consistent with the Office of Civil Rights Guidelines.  At KU, both the Office of Institutional Opportunity & Access (IOA) and KU Public Safety investigate allegations of sexual assault, and cases may be referred to the Lawrence Police Department.  IOA conducts investigations into the validity of the complaints and makes recommendations which Student Affairs implements.  In 2013, KU handled twelve cases of campus sexual assault involving students.  She acknowledged that the present system is not perfect and stated that a new Task Force has been formed to make recommendations for improving the process.  Two specific things that have already been done are enforcement of sexual harassment training and creation of a staff position to support victims.  Student Housing is holding information sessions, and fraternities and sororities are also organizing to provide information and training.  She noted that the focus on victims is appropriate but she is also concerned about why students become perpetrators and how we can prevent assaults from happening.  She encouraged members of the University community to send comments to her or the Task Force. 

The Chancellor then took questions and comments from SenEx members.  A member requested more information about faculty and staff as mandatory reporters.  A faculty member called on students for information about whether there is peer pressure in living units for sexual assault prevention.  Students responded that discussion of this issue has definitely increased and students are concerned both with the sexual assaults and with the culture on campus that contributes to this behavior.  The Chancellor is also concerned about changing the culture on campus.  When asked if she had specific suggestions for faculty members, she responded that she would welcome input on possible ways faculty can help.  One member suggested including a statement of some kind on the syllabus.  The Chancellor was asked if it is possible for KU to put pressure on the Lawrence City Council to shut down under age bars.  She noted that this has been pursued unsuccessfully.  Faculty members requested training in dealing with students who have been sexually assaulted or who are suicidal. 

No further business.  The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Kathleen Levy


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