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  • University Senate 10/06/2016

University Senate 10/06/2016

University Senate
October 6, 2016 - 3:30pm
Green Hall-Room 203
  1. Approval of Minutes from September  8, 2016
  1. Standing Reports
    1. University Senate President Joe Harrington
    2. Faculty Senate President Pam Keller
    3. Student Senate President Gabby Naylor
    4. Staff Senate President Liz Phillips
  1. Speaker: Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little
  1. (4:00) Speaker Colleen Gregoire, Vice President  of Resource Development, United Way of Douglas County
  1. Unfinished Business
  1. New Business



Approved: November 3, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Faculty Joe Harrington, Pam Keller, Cecile Accilien, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Tom Beisecker, Naima Boussofara, Ben Chappell, Kelly Chong, Jonathan Clark, Chris Elles, Pam Fine, Ruben Flores, Lisa Friis, Jane Gibson, Sandra Gray, Megan Greene, Lynn Hancock, Elspeth Healey, Kissan Joseph, Elizabeth MacGonagle, Margaret Marco, Jason Matejkowski, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Paul Outka, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Meagan Patterson, Edward Peltier, Angela Rathmel, Roberta Freund Schwartz, Suzanne Shontz, Geraldo Sousa, Bill Staples, Dean Stetler, Belinda Sturm Students Gabby Naylor, Chancellor Adams, Alexandra Erwin, Dylan Jones, Zoya Khan, Brittney Oleniacz, Victoria Snitsar, Adam Steinhilber Staff, Liz Phillips, Michael Chavez, David Day, Deb Deering, Abby Ehling, Charlotte Goodman, Emily Gullickson, Connie Jordan, Lorne Jordan, Brian Moss, Anna Paradis, Peggy Robinson

ABSENTFaculty Mary Banwart, Christopher Fischer, Thomas Prisinzano (excused), Lance Rake (excused) Students, Jacob Murray, Loic Njiakan, Nobus Oghenekaro, Sophia Templin, Sophie Wang Staff Keah Cunningham (excused)

ALSO PRESENT: Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Bernadette Gray-Little, Chancellor; Colleen Gregoire, United Way Vice President of Resource Development, Jill Mignacca, Elizabeth Kronk Warner, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professor of Law, and Director, Tribal Law and Government Center University of Kansas School of Law; Mary Lee Hummert, Vice Provost for Faculty Development

President Joe Harrington called the meeting to order. 

MINUTES for September 8, 2016 were approved.


University Senate President

Regarding last meeting’s charges to SenEx, Harrington reported that SenEx looked at the University Policy Program (aka, Policy on Policies), and policy “owner”, which some in Faculty Senate found problematic when discussing the Faculty Code last spring, has been replaced with “primary policy contact”.  Jonathan Clark praised Harrington for discovering the policy.  He added that he is glad it changed and wants the revised version to be sent to Senate.  Keller explained that the corrected version is already in the Policy Library, and Harrington encouraged senate members to look at it.  Clark suggested it go to SenEx for further review.  Harrington reported that SenEx also impaneled the Ad Hoc Costs Savings Committee and will return to Senate with charges and personnel.  Harrington said that he and Pam Keller are waiting for a response from Board of Regents Chair Zoe Newton to the email they sent requesting faculty, student, and staff representation on the Chancellor Search committee.  KU’s weapons policy will be released after KBOR finishes its review.  He reported that CLAS bylaws are up for revisions at the next CAC (College Academic Council) meeting on October 18 in 210 Strong.  A workgroup has been established to look into what can be done about the government ruling rescinding the GTA health insurance subsidy; Ola Faucher, Director of Human Resource, graduate student David Cooper, head of GTAC (Graduate Teaching Assistant Coalition), and Harrington are members of the workgroup.  Brittney Oleniacz reported that the Student Senate passed a resolution in support of the GTAs, establishing how important and essential they are to the University.  She added that the workgroup will look at salary adjustment and concerns regarding international students (for example the fact that they can’t get visas without insurance).  Oleniacz said that a statement will be sent out this week urging GTAs to think about the issue, and Student Senate Graduate Affairs Director Amy [Schumacher] will be circulating a petition to the White House about interpreting language regarding where graduate students are placed.  Explaining that the petition needs 100,000 signatures from across the nation she asked that senate members sign it.  Harrington reported that the American Council on Education is lobbying on the issue as well. 

Faculty Senate President

Pam Keller thanked the Chancellor for approving the Faculty Code which is now online.  In response to Keller’s thanks to last year’s faculty president Tom Beisecker for all his work on the code, Senate gave him and the Chancellor a round of applause.  Harrington noted that thanks should also go to Jim Carothers (FY2015 faculty president), as well as members of FRPR, including Kirk McClure and Jan Sheldon.  Keller also reminded senators to take the climate survey, asking them to urge their constituents to complete it as well.  It was pointed out that Governance should be aware that the possibility exists that the survey can be filled out multiple times.

Student Senate President

Gabby Naylor noted that as reported earlier by Oleniacz Student Senate adopted a resolution supporting graduate students on the GTA health insurance subsidy issue.  They also overwhelmingly approved a resolution supporting Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day.  In support of American veterans a veteran representative will be added to the Student Senate slate.  The Student Senate Rules and Regulations will be amended so that funding for student organizations is in accordance with Kansas Senate Bill (SB) 175.  Sponsored by the Student Senate and Dole Institute students will be conducting voter registration.

Staff Senate President

Liz Phillips reported that the Staff Senate Legislative Affairs Committee will have a voter registration booth in the Kansas Union today and next week.  Staff Senate will request that money cut from the Professional development awards be restored.  Applications for the awards have gone out and Phillips asked senators to encourage interested staff to apply.  KBOR University Support Staff (USS) leaders rescheduled their meeting to this Wednesday since SKYPE was down earlier.  USS will make a report to KBOR.  KBOR Unclassified Professional Staff (UPS) leaders’ conference call will take place next week. 

Chancellor Bernadette gray-little

Noting the time and effort participation in University Senate takes, Chancellor Gray-Little thanked Senate members.  She recapped some of the things going on on campus. 

  1. She noted that the new buildings and changes across campus, including the Central district project, DeBruce Center, etc., haven’t just altered the appearance of the campus but represent areas important for the work done there, as well as the people, educators, and researchers.
  2. She stated that this year’s banner class, notable both in increased size and achievement level, has been the result of a five-year effort by admissions, alums, endowment, etc. and explained that focus has changed from admitting to recruitment.
  3. The University has completed the hiring of twelve foundation professors it was authorized to recruit for a few years ago; they represent a wide range of topics.
  4. KU continues to serve the community with research, teaching and training which impact both the community and the economy.
  5. KU ELEVATE has been created to invite the community, primarily businessmen and legislators, to show what KU does.  Last year’s program featured “Ted Talk”-type presentations by four professors and this year’s program in Wichita will also have four presentations to spotlight the work of KU.
  6. The Far Above campaign, completed this summer, raised 1.66 billion dollars, exceeding the 1.3 billion dollar goal.  She thanked everyone for their help, adding that much of the funding for accomplishments one to five above comes from that revenue.
  7. She said that the climate study will help in continuing diversity conversations.  There have been many responses to the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) committee’s work and the Provost has put elements of their plan out from time to time.
  8. The state of State budget is not good.  The Chancellor reported that predictions have often been wrong, citing that this year alone the estimate was sixty-nine million dollars under.  Citing that the budget situation won’t improve until the state institutes tax changes, she noted that the LJWorld today showed legislators who want to make changes.
  9. KBOR will probably consider KU’s weapons policy in November.  She thanked weapons committee members, Mike Williams (last year’s University Senate President), Patricia Kluding from KUMC, police chiefs for Lawrence and Kansas City, and committee coordinator Jim Pottorff of the General Counsel’s Office for their work.  Information about the policy will be posted soon.  She mentioned that there were also implementation committees on the Lawrence campus and KUMC which examined several very important issues.  (What happens to residence halls? What happens at hospitals if someone has a gun?)  She’s heard discussions about the possibility of permanent exemptions but not much is known.

Noting that some recent code changes have been stressful the Chancellor thanked Senate for all their work on the Faculty Code.


Chancellor Adams: What can students do to advocate for a better budget in Kansas?

Chancellor: If you live in Kansas encourage your parents to be involved or get involved yourself if you are a voter.

Brittney Oleniacz: Could an argument be made that the rescinded GTA health insurance funding affects recruitment?  

Chancellor: Since the ruling is nation-wide it’s not a recruiting issue.  However it is a morale issue. Efforts are being made to try to address the situation.

Alexandra Erwin: Thank you for advocating for science research.

Ron Barrett-Gonzales: Has KU been successful in restricting guns in dangerous areas which has been advocated in some areas of country? 

Chancellor:  KU has been checking with the attorney general.  Approval was received for creating a rule that guns must be holstered on campus. However no permission has been received yet regarding guns in dangerous areas.

Ruben Flores: Do you consider it might be wise to extend the gun issue to recruitment, mentioning it when parents are on campus?

Chancellor: I would not like to get them involved at that point, but alums have been very involved in aspects of the issue, specifically involving the legislature. 

Pam Fine: Along with other universities KU asked Congress a few years ago to extend visas for international STEM graduate students, but has anything been done for non-STEM international graduate students?

Chancellor: I don’t think so and have never seen anything on it, which may be because a case for national need isn’t as easy to make. 

Geraldo Sousa:  Thank you for all your leadership.  Although we didn’t always agree with everything you have done you had our support. 

Colleen Gregoire, Vice President of Resource Development, United Way of Douglas County and Jill Mignacca

Gregoire thanked the Chancellor and her husband Shade for all their work for United Way and presented her with a Live United t-shirt.  Noting that United Way receives numerous and varied calls for help, Gregoire thanked KU for being a partner for the past 75 years.  She said that KU has always been there for United Way and mentioned the great letter Phog Allen had written when he was on the original campaign.  She reported that this year $225,000 of the 1.7 million community goal for Douglas County has been set for KU, and encouraged everyone to answer the donation letter when they receive it.

Gregoire Introduced KU employee Jill Mignacca who related her personal story of the help she received from United Way.

Unfinished Business


New Business

Keller asked the senate to consider a resolution to observe October 10, 2016 as Indigenous Peoples Day.      

Motion: That University Senate be a signatory on the resolution to observe October 10, 2016 as Indigenous Peoples Day.  Keller/Gullickson.  Passed.

Barrett-Gonzales suggested that Indigenous Peoples Day should be observed every year.  The Chancellor said that KU celebrates the day with Lawrence but agreed that KU should do something on campus.  Elizabeth Kronk Warner, Director of the Law School’s Tribal Law and Government Center, explained that while they would like support moving forward and will add that request to the email forwarding the statement to the Chancellor, the request today was that the senate agree to be a signatory.  Noting that Indigenous Peoples Day is a moveable holiday Sousa suggested sending a recommendation to the Chancellor that the University observe the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day. 

Jonathan Clark pointed out new wording he had discovered on the Enroll and Pay login page.  He expressed alarm that anyone who clicks the agreement to open the website is responsible for unspecified charges.  Clark added that this may even be unnecessary since someone who enrolls is already obligated to pay fees and feared this goes beyond that.

Motion to refer the new language of the Enroll and Pay login page to SenEx to investigate, and report back to Senate, the reason for it and whether or not it goes beyond the ordinary contractual agreement that one enters into in doing business with the University.  Clark/Sousa.  Passed.

Sousa pointed out that to use Enroll and Pay a user is trapped by the login and has to agree.  Deb Deering was concerned that advisors could be open to lawsuits simply for conducting KU business as part of their work.  Others questioned the reason for the language as well as where else similar language might be occurring.

Amendment motion that SenEx investigate to see if there are other places where we have to sign similar disclaimers in order to do our jobs.  Chappell/Deering.  Passed

Sousa questioned whether there was enough time for SenEx to accomplish both charges.  Phillips responded that SenEx would do their best.

Referring back to his comments about University Program Policy (“Policy on Policies”) earlier in the meeting, Clark proposed that SenEx review the amended policy. 

Motion: Refer the issue of the University Program Policy to SenEx to review and report back to University Senate.  Clark/Accilien.  26 aye.  12 nay.  Passed.

Referring to the policy changes in the Policy Library, Harrington pointed out the changes: the hierarchy chart has been removed; policy “owner” has become “primary policy contact”; “enforcement” has been taken out as well.  Clark was of the opinion that the document could be improved and added that the there is another related document, Process for Developing a University Policy [Policy Development and Approval Process], which has not been revised that makes the matter more complicated.  He said that that document should either go to SenEx or be discussed at another University Senate meeting. 

The meeting adjourned at 4:33.

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman





Indigenous Peoples Day Statement

Together we call upon the University of Kansas to recognize October 10, 2016 as Indigenous Peoples Day.  With its origins in the 1977 International Conference on Discrimination Against Indigenous Populations in the Americans, Indigenous Peoples Day recognizes the valuable contributions made by Indigenous peoples.  Such recognition is especially appropriate at KU, where the University highly regards its relationship with Indigenous students, staff, faculty, and Haskell Indian Nations University.


Recognition of October 10, 2016 as Indigenous Peoples Day is also consistent with recommendations made by other groups on campus.  In the April 27, 2016 Report of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Group submitted to Chancellor Gray-Little and then acting Provost Sara Rosen, it was recommended that the University “[r]ecognize Indigenous People’s Day in honor of Native American contributions to the community.”  See https://provost.ku.edu/dei-report.  Further, on October 3, 2016, the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Working Group issued a statement on recent protests and institutional change.  In relevant part, the statement states:

Further, in accordance with the commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and as specified in the DEI report from law year, we require the University recognize this coming Monday (10/10) as Indigenous People’s Day.  This requirement is only a start to move forward on the recommendations laid out last year, including strengthening the relationship with Haskell Indian Nations University and enhancing KU’s commitment to Indigenous Studies and our Indigenous and First Nations communities at the University.

See https://provost.ku.edu/dei.

The City of Lawrence declared October 12, 2015 Indigenous Peoples Day.  See http://www.kansan.com/news/lawrence-mayor-declares-oct-indigenous-peoples-day-in-place-of/article_6e1d6954-6ca4-11e5-a02d-077815c8a78f.html.  The City’s declaration is consistent with those of numerous other cities and states, which have all decided to recognize the crucial contributions of Indigenous peoples.  See https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/morning-mix/wp/2015/10/11/more-cities-celebrating-indigenous-peoples-day-as-effort-to-abolish-columbus-day-grows/.

Accordingly, we call on the University to honor its commitment to Indigenous peoples by recognizing October 10, 2016 as Indigenous Peoples Day.


First Nations Student Association

Indigenous Studies Program

KU Tribal Law and Government Center

Native American Faculty and Staff Council

Center for American Indian Community Health, University of Kansas Medical Center

KU Department of American Studies

KU Black Law Students Association

KU Student Senate


  •      Fran Bartlett (KU Graduate), Lawrence High School Teacher
  •      Andrew Bricker (KU Graduate), Lawrence High School Teacher
  •      Ann Foster, Lawrence High School Teacher     
  •      Tracy Murray (KU Graduate), Lawrence High School Teacher
  •      Valerie Schrag (KU Graduate), Lawrence High School Teacher




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