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University Senate - 03/24/16

University Senate
March 24, 2016 - 3:30pm
Green Hall-Room 203

(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)

 I.         Announcements

II.        Approval of minutes from March 3, 2016

III.      Standing Reports

         A.  University Senate President Mike Williams

        B.  Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker

        C.  Student Senate President Chancellor Adams

        D.  Staff Senate President Chris Wallace

IV.      DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies

 V.      Vote on proposed amendment to USRR 2.2.5   

 VI.     Unfinished Business

VII.      New Business





March 24, 2016 – 3:30 p.m. – 203 Green Hall



Approved April 7, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Faculty Mike Williams, Mary Banwart, Philip Baringer, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Jim Carothers, Jay Childers, Jonathan Clark, Michael Davidson, Chris Elles, Charles Epp, Pam Fine, Christopher Fischer, Andrea Greenhoot, Lynn Hancock, Majid Hannoum, Joe Harrington, Pamela Keller, Paul Laird, Weishi Liu, Jason Matejkowski, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Steve Padget, Meagan Patterson, Bill Staples, Dean Stetler, Belinda Sturm, Barbara Timmermann, Susan Williams, Lisa Wolf-Wendell; Students  Chancellor Adams, Harrison Baker, Sarah Elliott, Erin Fowler, Thomas Green, Brent Lee, Chance Maginness, Nobus Oghenekaro; Staff Chris Wallace, Terri Chambers, Keah Cunningham, Michelle Ginavan-Hayes, Kristine Latta, Emily Lee, Anna Paradis, Liz Phillips, Peggy Robinson, Susan Shaw, Tanya Spacek


ABSENTFaculty Tom Beisecker (excused), Kelly Chong, Lisa Friis, Kissan Joseph (excused), Jonathan Mayhew, Mario Medina, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan (excused), Angela Rathmel (excused), Roberta Freund Schwartz, Geraldo Sousa (excused); Students Brittany Oleniacz (excused), Logan Sutton, Sophia Templin, Taylor Zabel; Staff Charlotte Goodman, Margaret Mahoney (excused)


ALSO PRESENT: Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Sara Rosen, Interim Provost; Mary Lee Hummert, Vice Provost for Faculty Development


President Mike Williams called the meeting to order and announced that the meeting is recorded.  He announced that he would like to make the meeting short since Faculty Senate has a very full agenda.


MINUTES for March 3, 2016 were approved with the following corrections: delete “& Scholar” from International Student & Scholar Services in identifying Emily Lee; correction of spelling of Ron Barrett-Gonzalez’ last name in last paragraph before Unfinished Business.



University Senate President

Mike Williams reported that the Chancellor has formed the committee to write the policy for weapons on campus at KU, adding that the KU Policy will cover all KU campuses except Salina because it is not a property owned or leased by KU.  He said that the implementation of that policy will be done by the Provost Weapons Committee which he co-chairs with Chris Keary, (Interim Chief of Police in Public Safety).  It is a large committee which will be receiving its charge from the Provost next week and will continue to collect suggestions, such as Jonathan Clark’s syllabus proposal from an earlier meeting, and asked that any suggestions be sent to Maureen or Kathy in University Governance.  He added that the work of the Ad Hoc Weapons committee will feed into the Provost Weapon’s Committee’s work.  Clark asked how faculty should proceed with their syllabi in terms of his proposal.  Williams said that General Counsel was taking it under consideration with other suggestions.  He added that, the proposal might be re-worded into a broader syllabus statement, but he was doubtful it will be accepted since an instructor would not have the latitude to change a course to an online course.  He assured Clark he would get back to him with any information he received.

Faculty Senate President

In Tom Beisecker stead, Pam Keller reported on yesterday’s COFSP (Council of Faculty Senate Presidents) meeting.  KBOR (Kansas Board of Regents) has created a website for students showing costs and earning data for each undergraduate degree program offered at a public university in Kansas.  KBOR state that it is the only website in the nation which combines cost as well as earning data.  COFSP is working on a process for determining cut off scores for CLEP and AP.  They are also working on having more direct communication, or possibly a presence, on TAAC (the Transfer & articulation Council), which determines credit across universities, to understand what is happening and provide input to the committee.  TAAC currently has a list of 70 courses which are approved for transfer.  FacEx continues to work on Faculty Code issues.  Ballots to vote for Faculty Senate members for FY17 will be sent electronically next Monday.  The question was asked whether the departments will still be able to make the determinations of how credit is given.  As Keller understands it, each university will have input in nominating faculty to TAAK and those faculty will have input in determining the cut off scores and/or, as members of TAAK, provide input for the council to make the transfer determinations.  Williams added that there is a yearly meeting that looks at the courses proposed to be added to the list of possible transfer credit courses; representatives from each institution meet to deliberate about the acceptable scores.

Student Senate President

Williams welcomed Chancellor Adams, the new Student Senate President.  Adams reported that the Tobacco Free Initiative resolution failed to pass in the Student Senate Student Right Committee.  The fee bill passed which gives $2 to the multi-cultural government.  A new draft of the Student Code is ready to be presented to Student Senate.

Staff Senate President

Chris Wallace said there is nothing to report.


DeAngela Burns-Wallace, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies

Williams introduced the new Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies who has degrees from Stanford, Princeton, and the University of Pennsylvania.  She told the senate that after serving in positions at several universities, including the University of Missouri, as well as in the Foreign Service, she is happy, as a native of Kansas City, to be back in Kansas.  She mentioned her work around the world while in the Foreign Service because being afforded the opportunity to work in Foreign Service made her aware and committed to all the opportunities higher education can afford students.  She emphasized the importance of progression, even more than retention, in helping students understand not just moving through school but understanding how they’re moving through, beyond just handing a student a four-year plan.  Her goal is to use all tools available for student success--for example to find majors faster, to find gaps.  She wants to ensure that all efforts in working toward a student’s success are having an impact and if something isn’t working to see how efforts can be improved. 

During the Q&A Harrison Baker commented that he appreciated that Burns-Wallace framed her comments around students rather than retention.  Sarah Elliott echoed that sentiment and asked Burns-Wallace her goals.  Burns-Wallace said that she wants to work on technology which would provide advisors information at their fingertips to better advise and work with students.  She also wants to coordinate programs so they are reaching a breadth and depth of students.  Citing her work at Stanford Chance Maginness asked how she plans to integrate marginalized students.  She said that rather than depend on a particular space for a particular group, she would like to coordinate efforts to connect students to appropriate resources.  She added that First Year Experience will be a valuable tool in contacting students and tracking progress to see who is using their resources.  In response to his request, Burns-Wallace told Ron Barrett-Gonzalez that she would be happy to support faculty in teaching and emphasize to chairs the importance of teaching undergraduates. 

In conclusion she encouraged senate to contact her with comments and feedback at burnswallaced@ku.edu 


Approval of Proposed Changes to USRR 2.2.5


A motion was made to approve the proposed amendment which had been discussed at the last meeting.  Emily Lee said that the International Student Service (ISS) Associate Director of Compliance and ISS advisors looked at the impact on international students and have no objection.  Christine Latta, Director of the College Office of Graduate Affairs, explained that the intent is to provide the most apt way to communicate with theses and dissertation students.  She said it is one piece in providing feedback which, in addition to a student’s annual review, informs them of their status.  She added that there will be a recommendation in the College that faculty consider putting students with LP (limited progress) on probation and consider dismissal for students who receive NP (no progress).

Motion to approve the proposed change to USRR 2.2.5.  Lee/Baker.  Passed with one abstention.


Unfinished Business



New Business

Jonathan Clark told the senate that he had just become aware that Jim Pottorff, University General Counsel, is currently undergoing his five-year review.  Clark learned that the survey regarding the review had not been sent to everyone and felt that University Senate should have access to the survey in order to give input.

Clark moved, and Ron Barrett-Gonzalez seconded, that the review process shall not be valid until the University Senate has opportunity to participate.  In the ensuing discussion some agreed that University Senate input was needed because General Counsel impacted University Governance; Barrett-Gonzalez added that it impacted the whole University community.  Others expressed concern that the review is a personnel matter and that University Senate may be overstepping its bounds which could be a dangerous precedent.  Some felt that they didn’t have enough information to vote.  It was also pointed out that there are other ways to provide input to the review committee without using the survey.

Motion to table the vote on the Clark/Barrett-Gonzalez motion until further information can be obtained.  Maginness/Baker. Failed

Barrett-Gonzalez proposed amending Clark’ proposal:

Motion: Request that the committee [doing the five-year review of James Pottorff] delay consideration for three weeks until all the University community can participate in the online survey. Barrett-Gonzalez/Clark.  Yea, 28; Nay, 8; abstentions, 5.  Passed

Action: Williams will inform the Chancellor of the request.


The meeting adjourned at 4:41


Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman



Approved by University Senate Executive Committee (SenEx) February 9, 2016


Rationale for Proposed Amendment for New USRR 2.2.5.

At the request of Danny Anderson, Former Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Sara Rosen, Senior Vice Provost of Academic Affairs, AP&P recommended the new grading system for CLAS (with the intention of offering to other schools) of SP (Satisfactory Progress), LP (Limited Progress), NP (No Progress) for dissertation and thesis hours or their approved equivalents to achieve the following:  1) bring the College into compliance with Graduate Studies policy, particularly with regard to the limitations on counting S/U grades for graduate credit, 2) allow departments some latitude in their grading practices, 3) provide students with grades that accurately reflect their progress through the degree program, and 4) support timely completion of all degree requirements.

USRR 2.2.5 The College or any school may use the letters SP (Satisfactory Progress), LP (Limited Progress), NP (No Progress) only for dissertation and thesis hours or their approved equivalents.  In the case of a completing student, the grade assigned to the final thesis or dissertation hour enrollments must be an SP.

(This will necessitate changing the numbering of the current USRR 2.2.5 through 2.2.11 to USRR 2.2.6 through 2.2.12).


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