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University Senate - 02/11/16

University Senate
February 11, 2016 - 3:30pm
Green Hall-Room 203


  I.        Announcements

 II.       Approval of minutes from December 3, 2015

III.       Standing Reports

      A.  University Senate President Mike Williams

      B.  Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker

      C.  Student Senate President Zach George

      D.  Staff Senate President Chris Wallace

 IV.      Election to replace University Senate Vice President

  V.      Update on Weapons on Campus

 VI.      Old Business

VII.      New Business





February 11, 2016 – 3:30 p.m. – 203 Green Hall

Approved March 3, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Faculty Mike Williams, Tom Beisecker, Philip Baringer, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Jim Carothers, Jonathan Clark, Michael Davidson, Chris Elles, Charles Epp, Christopher Fischer, Lisa Friis, Lynn Hancock, Majid Hannoum, Joe Harrington, Kissan Joseph, Pamela Keller, Paul Laird, Jason Matejkowski, Jonathan Mayhew, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Steve Padget, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Meagan Patterson, Angela Rathmel, Roberta Freund Schwartz, Geraldo Sousa, Bill Staples, Dean Stetler, Belinda Sturm, Susan Williams, Lisa Wolf-Wendel Students Zach George, Harrison Baker, Brent Lee, Brittney Oleniacz, Nobus Oghenekaro, Mady Womack Staff Chris Wallace, , Keah Cunningham, Charlotte Goodman, Kristine Latta, Emily Lee, Anna Paradis, Liz Phillips, Peggy Robinson, Susan Shaw, Tanya Spacek

ABSENTFaculty Mary Banwart (excused), Jay Childers, Kelly Chong, Pam Fine (excused), Andrea Greenhoot (excused), Weishi Liu (excused), Mario Medina, Barbara Timmermann (excused), Students Sarah Elliott, Tomas Green (excused), Elizabeth Johnson, Chance Maginness (excused), Logan Sutton, Sophia Templin, Taylor Zabel Staff Terri Chambers (excused), Michelle Ginavan-Hayes (excused), Margaret Mahoney (excused)

ALSO PRESENT:  Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little; Mary Lee Hummert, Vice Provost for Faculty Development; Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Sara Shepherd, LJ World.

President Mike Williams called the meeting to order.

MINUTES for December 3, 2015 were approved.   


University Senate President

Mike Williams introduced Mady Womack as the new student member of SenEx replacing Shegufta Huma who is doing an internship this semester.  He reported that the Weapons Information Session reached about 1000 people.  Information about the session is still on the Governance website.  Williams added that he is planning sessions for evening staff.

Faculty Senate President

Tom Beisecker reported on the January KBOR meeting.  The KBOR Weapons Policy was passed which will be implemented with campus policies and procedures.  The universities will submit their weapons policies in early autumn which KBOR will review in mid-autumn for the July 1 2017 deadline discontinuing the concealed carry exemption.  He presented the results of COFSP’s (Council of Faculty Senate Presidents) faculty/staff weapons survey to KBOR.  One of the members of KBOR told Beisecker that in order to get anything changed KU would have to show evidence of the effect concealed carry had on the campus.  The survey results showed that KU is not in favor of concealed carry on campus.  Beisecker advised those interested to contact Maureen for the full report of the survey.  COFSP also discussed concerns about the issue of systematic transfer of courses.  In the past transfer credit concerned primarily general education courses but is now reaching to courses toward majors, and upper level courses.  COFSP agreed that faculty and others need a voice in the issue.

Student Senate President

Zach George introduced new senate member Nobus Oghenekar and announced two other new members Sarah Elliott and Tomas Green.  Regarding two bills in the legislature, the senate passed a resolution urging the Kansas Senate and Kansas House to create an extension to the concealed carry exemption; the resolution was passed with only one dissenting vote.  Student Senate hopes to mount a campaign to encourage legislators to vote in favor of the bills which would keep a guns-free campus.   A review of student fees is currently being done.  The results of a student survey regarding the tobacco initiative will be available at the end of this week.  Over 3,000 students participated in the survey.

Staff Senate President

Chris Wallace reported that Staff Senate has given 16 awards from the Jeanette Johnson Professional Development Fund, amounting to $4500.  The Staff Senate is creating a new diversity committee 


Brent Lee and Chance Maginness were nominated to replace Shegufta Huma as Vice President of the University Senate and Vice Chair of SenEx.  Lee told the committee a little about himself and why he would like to be elected to the position; Maureen read a brief statement from Maginness.  The body voted to elect Brent Lee.


Williams reported that the Chancellor’s new committee to write the weapons policy will meet on February 21.  The committee, which has a September 1 deadline, will bring the Lawrence campus in synchronization with KBOR policies.  Since Williams is on the committee both Governance and the University Senate’s Ad Hoc Weapons Committee (WOCC) will be represented.  There will also be another committee to help guide the implementation of the policy.  In answer to Lynn Hancock’s question, Williams said that KU is bound by state law and while there may be time for possible changes, in the meantime KU needs to identify all the pieces of implementation.  He noted that the University will probably secure Allen Field House and added that KU needs to be ready for the July 1, 2017 concealed carry exemption deadline. 

Concerned about what faculty can do to safeguard students, Jonathan Clark proposed the following for faculty to add to their syllabi, which he feels serves to tell students that coming to class with a gun is anti-social behavior:

“If a student brings any weapon (as defined by the KBOR) to this class or to the office of any instructor teaching this class, the class will cease to meet as a group and instruction will for the rest of the semester be given, during stated class hours, via Skype conference (Skype address:_______________).  Your enrollment in this class constitutes your acceptance of this provision.”

Williams thanked him for the proposal and said he would bring it to the weapons committee.  He said that he would like to take the proposal to General Counsel to see if it is permissible within the framework of the current state law.  It was pointed out a potential complication is that some international students are only allowed to be enrolled in a limited number of online classes; Williams added that the difference in cost in online classes might also be a consideration.  Harrison Baker reminded the senate that boilerplate language on a syllabus was not accepted last year for mandated reporting and if this were accepted mandated language might be reconsidered.  Williams noted that the syllabus is still the purview of the individual instructor.  George asked how a faculty member would know if a student is carrying a weapon.  Jonathan Mayhew noted that while the proposal is a great idea it allows one person to change the class.  Clark answered that the point of his proposal was that it contributes to changing attitudes over a period of time. 

Old Business


New Business


No further business. 

The meeting adjourned at 4:07

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman

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