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  • SenEx-University Senate Executive Committee 8/30/16

SenEx-University Senate Executive Committee 8/30/16

August 30, 2016 - 3:00pm
Provost’s Conference Room

August 30, 2016 - 3:00 p.m.
Provost Conference Room


(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)

  1. Announcements
  2. Approval of minutes from May 31, 2016
  3. Standing Reports
    A.   University Senate President Joe Harrington
    B.   Faculty Senate President Pam Keller
    C.   Student Senate President Gabby Naylor
    D.   Staff Senate President Liz Phillips
  4. Change in Calendar Committee Standing Charge 1, regarding final exam email
  5. Amendment to USRR
  6. Unfinished Business
  7. New Business

August 30, 2016 – 3:00 p.m.

Provost Conference Room


Approved September 13, 2016

MEMBERS PRESENT: Joe Harrington, Pam Keller, Suzanne Shontz, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Tom Beisecker, Pam Fine, Zoya Khan, Brian Moss, Jacob Murray, Gabby Naylor, Brittney Oleniacz, Liz Phillips

FY17 MEMBERS ABSENT: Ruben Flores, Charlotte Goodman

ALSO PRESENT: Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Provost Neeli Bendaputi

Joe Harrington called the meeting to order and asked for announcements.

MINUTES for May 31, 2016 were approved.

Report of University Senate President

Joe Harrington reminded SenEx that the University Senate Committee charges they set in May will be presented to the University Senate on Thursday, September 8 for approval.  He noted that the state has made another budget cut to KU.  KU’s weapons and implementation policies are still pending.  He mentioned that the November elections and any results of Texas’ campus concealed carry which went into effect this year may impact KU.  Tom Beisecker said that some departments have already had active shooter training but he questioned whether it might be better to wait for guidance from the university before implementing any action.  The Provost said she will check on the status of implementation and let SenEx know.  The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee will continue and the Provost confirmed that members have been chosen.  Harrington reported that in a meeting he and Keller had with the Chancellor she expressed that she is very concerned about Faculty Senate’s role in diversity.  Keller added that the Chancellor is concerned that the Faculty Senate hasn’t said anything about the issue.  Keller reported that diversity is on the agenda for this year and that she assured the Chancellor that faculty is concerned and this wasn’t an issue of lack of focus, but rather that Faculty Senate focused on the issue through University Senate; she also explained to the Chancellor that a lot of Faculty Senate time in FY16 was taken up by work on the Faculty code.   


Keller elaborated on her and Harrington’s “meet and greet” meeting the Provost.  In their meeting with the Provost they discussed how Governance and the Provost can act together, and noted that the Provost is putting Governance members on more committees, for example TAAC (KBOR’s Transfer & Articulation Council).  Keller added that they also met with the Provost regarding the Faculty Code, and that work continues. 


Gabby Naylor reported that Student Senate starts up this week.  They have already had legislative training for old and new members.  They had a three-hour cultural competency workshop, adding that increasing inclusiveness is a very important issue.  Student senate is working on funding reform, and hopes to have a travel fund, which they are testing this semester.  They are working on legislation to allow access to funds for some groups without money who must charge fees.  Noting that one of their platform items is women’s leadership, Naylor reported that a mentorship program has been created which will meet tonight.  Student Senate is also working on mental health programs, international programs, and first generation retention.  Student executives have been added as members of the multicultural board and working is being done on multicultural education funds.  Freshmen elections will be held September 13 and 14.  Senate is in the process of hiring for the recently vacated policy development position and asked SenEx members to let her know of any suggestions.  In response to Pam Fine’s question of what professor is the mentor for the mental health program, Naylor said she didn’t have the name but would sent it to Fine.



Liz Phillips reported that the University Support Staff (USS) will be hosting a meeting tomorrow for KBOR University Support Staff leaders which the Provost will address. Phillips explained that the meeting is being held at KU because, just as Keller is the president of KBOR’s COFSP (Council of Faculty Senate Presidents) this year, she is the KBOR staff senate president; USS staff senator Chris Wallace is presiding over the meeting.  She added that, like membership across the state, University Support Staff membership at KU has dwindled and there are only five University Support Staff employees in Staff Senate.  Phillips thanked Kathy Reed for all her help arranging the meeting.  Since Brian Moss, Staff Senate President-Elect, presided over the first Staff Senate meeting in Phillips’ absence Phillips ask him to give the senate report.  Moss said that Deb Deering was elected secretary to replace the former secretary who resigned due to the demands of a new position.  Staff Senate committees are meeting and will be deciding on their work for the year.  Phillips said that she will be looking at university, faculty and student senate committees to get ideas similar staff senate committees might find useful.

Calendar Committee Standing charge 1

Harrington explained that in May SenEx changed the Calendar Committee’s Standing Charge 1 to include the summer semester in the final exam email that is sent in fall and spring.  However, since the summer semester doesn’t have a stop day or final exam week, summer should not be included.

                Revision to Standing Charge 1

  1. Monitor compliance with University Senate Rules and Regulations 1.3.2 concerning final examinations, including: (a) ensuring that adequate arrangements are made each semester to inform students and faculty through the Schedule of Classes about the regulations governing final examinations, and the appropriate procedures to be followed if questions arise about the application of the regulations; (b) informing the teaching faculty and GTAs, via an e-mail from the chair, one week before the beginning of each Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters (in August, and January, and June) of these regulations and their rationale; and (c) considering requests for exceptions, as provided in the regulations. Report actions taken on these matters to SenEx. (ongoing)

Motion to return to original text of the Calendar Committee’s standing Charge 1 regarding the final exam email.  Beisecker/Oleniacz.  Passed unanimously.

Amendment to USRR

Harrington explained that In Spring USRR was amended, ruling that when a lower grade is earned in a course a student repeated to replace a D or F the lower grade will appear on a student’s transcript but will not be included in the GPA.  This amendment negates the current regulation in USRR which states that the second grade replaces the original grade in the GPA, whereas it now only replaces the original grade if the new grade is higher.  He asked SenEx to consider if this is a technical change which SenEx can make or one that requires full senate approval, including notification and 21-day review, and if SenEx agrees with the change.  Beisecker moved to that SenEx make the change, explaining that this is just cleaning things up.            

Amendment to USRR


In FY16 USRR was amended stipulating that a lower grade in a repeat course would not be calculated in the GPA. If the grade earned for any repeated course is lower than the original course grade, the lower grade will be shown on the transcript but will NOT be included in the calculation of the GPA

This amendment necessitates a change in which states that the second grade earned will replace the original grade.

Proposed technical amendment USRR In computing grade point averages all hours attempted (i.e., grade A, B, C, D, or F) shall be included, except for cases in which a student repeats a class that resulted in a D or F as outlined in 2.2.8. In this instance, the second grade earned, if a higher grade, shall be included, replacing the original grade earned, for up to five (5) courses.

Motion to make a technical amendment to USRR  Beisecker/Oleniacz.  Passed unanimously.




Harrington suggested that SenEx create a resolution honoring former senate president Nancy Kinnersley who died in late spring.  He asked if someone who knew Nancy would draft the resolution.  Suzanne Shontz said that she would be happy to share comments regarding Nancy’s work in computer science but suggested she work with someone else who knew her as a senator.  Kathy Reed said that she will suggest someone to Shontz.


Meeting adjourned at 3:31

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman




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