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SenEx-University Senate Executive Committee 4/26/15

April 26, 2016 - 3:00pm
Provost’s Conference Room

Approval of minutes from April 12, 2016

I.  Announcements

II. Approval of minutes from April 12, 2016

III.  Standing Report

a. University Senate President Mike Williams

b. Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker

c. Student Senate President Chancellor Adams

d. Staff President Chris Wallace

IV.  Discussion of University Senate Committee final reports from Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (AP&P), Calendar Committee, International Affairs Committee, Retirees Rights and Benefits Committee

V.  Discussion of potential new ad hoc diversity committee

 VI.  Unfinished Business

VII.  New Business

VIII. Brief closed meeting to discuss personnel matter





April 26, 2016 – 3:00 p.m.

College Conference Room, 210 Strong

Approved May 10, 2016

PRESENT: Mike Williams, Joe Harrington, Chancellor Adams, Harrison Baker, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Pam Keller, Brent Lee, Chance Maginness, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Liz Phillips, Peggy Robinson, Chris Wallace

ABSENT: Tom Beisecker (excused),

ALSO PRESENT: Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Sara Shepherd, LJ World

Mike Williams called the meeting to order.  He announced that the next meeting, the last of the year, will be a joint meeting of FY16 and FY 17 SenEx member.  Williams asked for announcements. 

MINUTES for April 12, 2016 were approved.  


University Senate President/SenEx Chair

Williams reported that he has a meeting with Interim Provost Sara Rosen and Diane Goddard, Vice Provost for Administration & Finance, tomorrow to address SenEx questions about expenditures for Shared Service Centers, Everspring, Shorelight, Climate Survey, and Huron.  Barrett-Gonzalez asked Williams to find out what the Provost’s recharge account is for.  Williams informed SenEx that Tom Beisecker was currently attending the Provost Search Committee meeting and asked that SenEx members relay any comments they had about the candidates to Beisecker.  Williams said that the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Committee will present its report to the Provost and Chancellor this Thursday morning.

Faculty Senate President/FacEx Chair


Student Senate President

Chancellor Adams reported that Student Senate is transiting to the FY17 government and has elected committee chairs.  Student Senate will meet Wednesday for their banquet and transition ceremony.

Staff Senate President

Chris Wallace reported that Staff Senate has filled all but a few seats.  They have elected chairs but no President Elect as yet.

Discussion of University Senate Committee final reports from

Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (AP&P), Calendar Committee, International Affairs Committee, Retirees Rights and Benefits Committee

Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (AP&P)

Williams explained that AP&P basically looks at University operations from the academic side.  This year they looked at USRR changes, specifically grading scale changes for graduate theses and dissertations, amendments to Pharmacy grading, and amendments to the section on grade replacement. 

Calendar Committee

Williams explained that the Calendar Committee is concerned primarily with exemptions on final exams, and approval of the academic calendar.  This year they approved four requests for final exam scheduling exemptions. 

International Affairs Committee (IA)

Citing the following section of the committee’s report Williams suggested that a possible charge for the FY17 International Affairs Committee might be looking into improving the University’s greater awareness of IA, and improving the interaction between IA and the University populace. 

The committee reported that “all IP divisions report either directly to the Associate Vice Provost for International Programs or through the Assistant Vice Provost and Executive Director for International Programs; therefore, it is unclear how units within IP might bring business before the Committee; it is also unclear how others across the university might bring their concerns before this Committee”.

Specific Charge 1 was to monitor the KU Academic Accelerator Program and the partnership between KU and Shorelight.  Williams said he will look further into Shorelight at his meeting tomorrow with Rosen and Goddard to investigate what was not accomplished by the committee.  He added that Specific Charge 1 might continue as a charge for next year’s committee.   

Retirees Rights and Benefits Committee 

Williams highlighted some of the items considered by the committee.  Retirees can purchase a retiree parking permit but Parking has no intention of offering free parking to retirees; they do offer free parking at Park and Ride.  The committee recommended exit surveys.  They also decided against any standardized policies concerning retirees across the University.  

Williams informed SenEx that as committee final reports come in they will be put on the Governance website.  Barrett-Gonzalez asked if the committees have been thanked.  Kathy Reed explained that thank you emails are sent to the chairs with copies to their department chairs, committee members are thanked with copies sent to their supervisors, and Student Senate is copied on thank you emails to student committee members.

Discussion of Potential New AD Hoc Diversity Committee

In deference to the pending delivery of the DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) Committee report Williams said that he will postpone discussion of a potential University Senate Ad Hoc Diversity Committee until the May 10 SenEx meeting.  Williams said that he hoped that the committee will be formed early enough for SenEx to create charges and populate the committee.  He said he felt the more voices on the ad hoc committee the better but wants to make sure that there isn’t a duplication of effort with DEI.  Maginness suggested that one charge should be to draft a free speech policy like the University of Chicago’s.  Williams agreed and thanked Maginness.  Williams said he will share his draft of the ad hoc committee after he hears the DEI report.  

Liz Phillip informed SenEx that the Staff Senate is taking applications for its new diversity inclusion committee.  She will review the applications with Nate Thomas, Vice Provost for Diversity and Equity, and will have more information in about a week. 

  Unfinished business

Peggy Robinson reported that the union [Laborers’ International Union], which began negotiations in May 2015, has reached an agreement with the University.  The current agreement will be in effect through July, 2018.  She was pleased to report that there will be a salary increase for night shift workers.      


Barrett-Gonzalez recommended that University Senate rather than Faculty Senate take a point on the Intellectual Property Policy draft currently being discussed by FacEx since it impacts more than just faculty.  He added that he would like a standing or ad hoc committee formed to consider the policy.  He expressed that he believed offending language still exists, and noted student and staff are not included.  Williams suggested that it is good for FacEx to consider the draft in order to investigate the level of research.  He also clarified that the numerous strikeouts were in the policy draft because of reorganizing not necessarily because of substantive changes.  Barrett-Gonzalez asked for clarification about who will sign the new policy.  Williams said he would look into it.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:31 p.m. 


Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman

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