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  • SenEx-University Senate Executive Committee 04/12/16

SenEx-University Senate Executive Committee 04/12/16

April 12, 2016 - 3:00pm
Provost’s Conference Room

(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)



I. Announcements

II.  Approval of minutes from March 29, 2016

III. Standing Reports

    A. University Senate President Mike Williams

   B.   Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker

   C.   Student Senate President Chancellor Adams

   D.   Staff President Chris Wallace

IV.  Discontinuation of the Law School’s L.L.M. degree in Elder Law

V.   Update on timeline for Tobacco Free Campus

Vi.   Federal minimum salary changes for exempt employees

VII. Weapons on Campus update

VIII. Expenditures for:

Shared Service Centers, Everspring, Shorelight, Climate Survey, Huron

IX. Unfinished Business

X. New Business



Approved April 26, 2016

PRESENT: Mike Williams, Joe Harrington, Chancellor Adams, Harrison Baker, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Pam Keller, Brent Lee, Chance Maginness Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Chris Wallace, Peggy Robinson

ABSENT: Tom Beisecker (excused), Liz Phillips (excused)

ALSO PRESENT: Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance

Mike William called the meeting to order and asked for announcements. 

MINUTES for March 29, 2016 were approved.  


University Senate President/SenEx Chair

Mike Williams reported that he had spoken with the Multicultural Student Government (MSG) regarding their request for clarification about how to be recognized within the University Senate Code.  He suggested they need to gather definitions of who they are in their documentation so he can guide them (for example, whether separate but equal, voting block within student senate, etc.)  He explained to them that in regards to the process of code amendments Governance doesn’t have time left to act this academic year and added that Governance can’t act until Student Senate decides how their membership will be organized.  He pointed out that ultimately the University is limited to one faculty senate, one staff senate and one student senate.  Williams will continue to have conversations with MSG this year.

Faculty Senate President/FacEx Chair

In Tom Beisecker’s absence Williams report that there will be a special Faculty Senate meeting this week to discuss the Faculty Code. 

Student Senate President

Since Chancellor Adams arrived later in the meeting Harrison Baker reported that to his knowledge the fee package has not yet been reviewed by the Chancellor.  He informed SenEx that Student Senate elections are tomorrow and Thursday.  The most recent Student Senate meeting was March 30.  The next meeting will be held to elect officers of the four standing committees for next year and the last meeting of the year will be a joint meeting of the outgoing and incoming members where next year’s executive staff will be elected.

Staff Senate President

Chris Wallace reported elections were held.  Staff Senate will elect officers next week.

Discontinuation of the Law School’s L.L.M. degree in Elder Law

AP&P approved acceptance of discontinuance of the program with a vote of nine to one in favor.  Since the post graduate program has decreased the Law School has requested its discontinue.

SenEx approved the discontinuance of the Law School’s L.L.M degree in Elder Law.


Update on timeline for Tobacco Free Campus

The initiative continues to progress.  Ola Faucher, Director of Human Resources, has informed Williams that the steering committee is waiting for information from the Provost Office about timing for the initiative.

Federal minimum salary changes for exempt employees

Williams explained that a year ago the US Congress passed a law mandating a raise in the minimum wage to $50,440.00 for exempt (salaried and exempt from comp time) employees effective sometime in 2017.   When the law is implemented the minimum wage of KU exempt employees will have to be raised to $50,440.00 or exempt employees will be made non-exempt.  Williams said universities nationwide have raised so much noise that there will be a graduated rollout.  Williams will update SenEx with any further information.   

Weapons on campus update

Williams said that he hopes to receive a draft of the KU Weapons Policy in the next couple of weeks which he will share with SenEx and then with University Senate.  The Provost weapons committee will have recommendations soon.  Williams noted that the committee of 18-20 members represents nearly all university groups.  The Weapons Policy and policy implementation procedures are due to KBOR before September 1, 2016.  The committee is divided into the following subcommittees: Minds-Communications, concerning intellectual impact, educational programs, gun safety programs/training); Buildings, considering what buildings might be exempt; Procedures-Legalities considering KU’s procedures if the weapons policy is violated (unlike the state which has no penalties for weapons policy violations, KU will have penalties); External which will study how KU will communicate with external groups (a big concern is concealed carry information in recruiting literature).  Chris Wallace said the Athletics Committee has been discussing whether to wait for implementation procedures or implement some practices now.  Williams noted that there might be NCAA and Big 12 regulation problems related to concealed carry.

Expenditures for: Shared Service Centers, Everspring, Shorelight, Climate Survey, Huron

Williams expressed that the lack of information about the finances of Shared Service Centers and many of the third party companies—Everspring (online curricula), Shorelight (international recruiting), Huron (consulting firm advising Bold Aspirations and Changing for Excellent), and the consulting company for the KU Climate Survey—is troubling, and asked if others on the committee were concerned and/or have heard concerns from others.  Agreeing with Williams that this is incredibly important information, Amalia Monroe-Gulick said she has looked into some of the third party companies and found it frustrating that financial information wasn’t available.  Williams added that beyond the financial there was little information about how successful Shared Service Centers are.  Williams said that if SenEx could discover information, even a simple straight-forward document, to share with governance it would be an accomplishment to be proud of.  He said that if he receives any information from the Interim Provost on Thursday he will report back to SenEx.

Unfinished business

At the March 8 meeting, prior to his departure from KU, Student Senate President Zack George proposed an amendment to membership on the Parking Commission.  It is currently required that one of the student members on the Parking Commission be from AbleHawks; the concern was that since AbleHawks has not been able to fill the position student membership has been reduced from three to two.  During the discussion about the proposal SenEx expressed concern about the question of disability representation without AbleHawks.  SenEx tabled the proposal until AbleHawks and AAAC (Academic Achievement and Access Center) could be notified.  Kathy Reed reported that Dot Nary, faculty advisor for AbleHawks agreed with the proposal, citing that while one day they might be able to provide a representative, AbleHawks was currently at an ebb and is in the process of rebuilding.  Reed also contacted AAAC who felt they should have been on the commission long ago and were very agreeable to the Director of Academic Achievement and Access Center, or his/her designee being added as an ex officio member.   

Motion to accept the proposed amendment to membership on the Parking Commission and forward the proposal to University Senate.  Baker/Barrett-Gonzalez.  Passed unanimously.

In the spring of 2015, there was a change made to the parking commission to include a student representative of AbleHawks.  The Student Senate worked with the Faculty Advisor for AbleHawks, who has been unable to secure a student member from AbleHawks to attend the parking commission meetings.  Therefore the commission has been short one student voting member.  Upon consultation with the Faculty Advisor for AbleHawks, the amendment below is proposed.  The amendment changes the student membership back to three students, and includes the Director of Academic Achievement and Access Center, or his/her designee, to represent students regarding equal access and accessibility to parking. 

Deletion of “the Vice Provost Responsible for Parking & Transit” is a technical change resulting from Parking & Transit becoming a responsibility of the Vice Provost for Administration and Finance.    

Potential amendment to student membership on parking commission

Section 2. The Parking Commission

  1. Members .  The University of Kansas Parking Commission shall be composed of ten voting members and seven nine ex officio non-voting members.
  2. Voting members. The Provost shall appoint the voting members from lists of persons recommended by the groups named: Three members of the student body including a member of the University Transit Commission and a representative of AbleHawks recommended by the Student Senate Executive Committee; three members of the faculty, one of whom may be an emeritus faculty member, recommended by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee; four staff recommended by the Staff Senate.
  3. Ex officio, non-voting members. The ex-officio non-voting members shall be: the Chief Financial Officer of the Lawrence campus; the Vice Provost responsible for Parking &Transit; the Vice Provost for Administration and Finance, or his/her designee; the Director of Design and Construction Management or his/her designee; the Chief Justice of the Court of Parking Appeals or a Court officer; the Director of the Office of Public Safety, or his/her designee; the Director of Parking & Transit; the Assistant Director of Parking & Transit; and the Transportation Coordinator or a member of the Transit Commission (a student);, and the Director of Academic Achievement and Access Center, or his/her designee.   



Baker announced that Gaypril, a month long celebration of the LGBTQ+ community, is happening.  One item not on the events calendar are Queer X talks modeled after Ted Talks, most of which will concern STEM and queerness. 

Williams announced that the Big Event [which connects University of Kansas students, faculty and staff with the Lawrence community by recruiting volunteers to work at hundreds of local job sites during one day of service] will take place this weekend.

Williams reported that the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee (DEI), which he is a member of, is finite and in its charge has no way to legitimize its standing, adding that it needs a group with standing that represents all voices. Therefore he is going to propose SenEx consider creating a new University Senate ad hoc committee on Diversity to take up where DEI has left off.  He prefers it would become a standing committee like some other universities have but since it is late in the academic year there isn’t time to form a standing committee next fall; he suggested SenEx work in fall on forming a standing committee for Spring 2017.  Williams added that he wants the university to recognize that Governance is not at the behest of the administration which is a concern of the DEI committee.  He asked SenEx to contemplate charges and goals for the committee.   


The meeting was adjourned at  3:58 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman



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