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SenEx-University Senate Executive 5/5/15

May 5, 2015 - 3:00pm
Provost’s Conference Room


(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)


I.          Announcements

II.         Approval of minutes from April 21, 2015

III.        Standing Reports

            A.         University Senate President Jonathan Mayhew

            B.         Faculty Senate President Jim Carothers

            C.         Student Senate President Miranda Wagner

            D.         Staff Senate President Chris Wallace


IV.        Review of FY-15 Completed Business and Pending Items

V.         Old Business

VI.        New Business

VII.       Brief Closed Meeting of FY-15 & FY-16 SenEx to discuss personnel matter.

VIII.      Adjournment.


I.          Report of University Senate President Mike Williams

II.         Information for SenEx Summer Meeting

III.        Adjournment


May 5, 2015 – Provost’s Conference Room - 3:00 p.m.

Approved: 5/27/15

PRESENT: Jonathan Mayhew, Michael Williams, Jim Carothers, Katherine Clark, Lisa Friis, Jeremy Martin, Amanda Ostreko, Emma Haling, Alex Montgomery, Chris Wallace, Mike Krings, Miranda Wagner, Garrett Fugate, Joe Harrington, Pam Keller, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Chance Maginness, Brent Lee, Zach George, Peggy Robinson, Liz Phillips, Tom Beisecker. 

EXCUSED: Sandra Gray, Shegufta Huma, Chris Wallace

ALSO PRESENT: Molly Mulloy and Kathy Reed, Governance; Amy Smith, Policy Office


SenEx chair Jonathan Mayhew called the meeting to order.

 MINUTES for 4/21/2015 were corrected and approved.


Jonathan Mayhew reminded members that the final University Senate meeting for the semester is this Thursday. Human Resources Director Ola Faucher will be making a presentation on the tobacco-free campus policy. 


Jim Carothers noted that three proposals have been sent to the administration this spring from the University or Faculty Senates: the Social Media Policy, the Faculty Code of Conduct, and the recommendations to modify our intellectual property from Bi-Campus Committee on Patent Ownership and Faculty Consultation.



Miranda Wagner reported that Student Senate’s joint meeting of the old and new senates was last Wednesday. She reported that Student Body President Morgan Said met with FacEx last week to discuss the resolution passed by Student Senate urging faculty to add information to their course syllabi about mandated reporter status and supportive service information.



Reporting for Chris Wallace, Liz Phillips said that the Mini Wheat State Tour for staff is this Friday, with 96 staff traveling on two buses.  The first executive board meeting for the Staff Senate is tomorrow.



Jonathan Mayhew described the major activities addressed by SenEx and the University Senate this year, including the following:

  1. Social Media Policy approved by University Senate and sent to Provost. He and Carothers have discussed it with the Provost, and he expects the Senate version will be put in place this summer so that faculty and staff are protected. However, the Provost has some concerns with the conflict of interest amendment and this section may be revisited.
  2. Amendments to USRR 1.3.9 and 1.4.5 to excuse KU students serving in the military who are activated with temporary orders from final exams and other exams.  It is the responsibility of the student to initiate discussion with the instructor to come to a mutually agreeable method of making up missed exams. Both the University Senate and the Chancellor approved the change.
  3. SenEx discussed Shorelight and problems reported by the Applied English Center when international students do not have sufficient English skills for AEC courses.
  4. The Chancellor addressed University Senate re sexual assault allegations and campus responses.
  5. SenEx received an update regarding KU’s accreditation self-study from Susan Twombly, the steering committee chair, and also met with the accreditation review team to provide feedback.
  6. SenEx approved University Senate Code amendments regarding the merger of the Unclassified Senate and the University Support Staff Senate into the single “Staff Senate.” These amendments were approved by University Senate and the Chancellor.
  7. SenEx approved the request to discontinue an inactive Ph.D. degree program in Mechanical Engineering and forwarded it to the Senate, where it was also approved.
  8. SenEx received the report of the Task Force on Domestic Partner Benefits chaired by Margaret Severson. SenEx drafted a Resolution to the Chancellor is support of the recommendations in the report and sent to University Senate, where it was approved.
  9. SenEx heard a presentation about IT’s new “Technology Governance” system.
  10.  University Senate heard presentations from Nate Thomas, VP for Diversity and Equity, about diversity initiatives on campus, and from Ola Faucher, HR Director, regarding the tobacco-free campus proposal.



Concerns about gun legislation

Katherine Clark voiced concerns about the state legislation that will legally allow weapons in campus classrooms beginning in 2017. She and Jeremy Martin moved that SenEx appoint an ad hoc committee to work on getting the university exempt from the state’s legislation, and to explore any means available to restrict where firearms can be carried on campus. In the discussion that followed, Clark pointed out that allowing guns near laboratories with gas containers or fire extinguishers is dangerous. Jim Carothers said it would be useful to research the best practices on campuses that have already experienced this and to inform faculty and GTAs how to best react. Mike Williams said we should be pro-active regarding training about “situation recognition” and protocols for what faculty can do if we see someone with a gun. He suggested that the General Counsel’s Office be asked to assist with language about this. Clark suggested that the ad hoc committee might include representatives from the Law and Engineering schools, campus and city law enforcement, facilities operations, etc.  Another comment was for the ad hoc committee to consult with the administration and the Board of Regents on the problem. Ron Barrett-Gonzalez said a KSU colleague commented that the Regents are constitutionally charged with safety on the college campuses and therefore may not feel that they can enforce the gun legislation.

 Clark/Martin changed their motion to request that the incoming SenEx appoint an ad hoc committee to look at the effects of the state’s gun control legislation on the KU campus and to consider SenEx’s discussion today when writing the charges. Passed.

Mayhew announced that there would be a brief closed meeting to discuss a personnel matter; the meeting reopened after about ten minutes.

Mayhew thanked members for their service on SenEx this year.

No further business.

Respectfully submitted,

Molly Mulloy



      Mike Williams called the meeting to order.

He remarked that he had a very encouraging conversation with the Provost about the gun control issue. This is a common concern on the other Board of Regents’ campuses; he and Tom Beisecker will work on this critical issue during the summer. In the discussion that followed, SenEx members suggested that the ad hoc committee on gun control also include persons such as: students, and representatives from KU’s Public Safety Office, the KU counseling center, student housing, Frank DiSalvo from the Student Conduct Review Team, as well as someone from the Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Williams recently attended a presentation by Diane Goddard and Senior Vice Provost Sara Rosen about the successes and failures of the Bold Aspirations and Changing for Excellence strategic plans. He said if more candid information were forthcoming about the actual savings gained from these initiatives, faculty, staff, and students might see it differently. Members agreed that better communication and transparency about these plans is needed; “the math does not seem to add up.” Brief discussion ensued about the students brought to KU by Shorelight.  Barrett-Gonzalez said it’s his understanding that Shorelight is a business partner of Huron, the consulting company used by KU several years ago. Amalia Monroe-Gulick reported that when financial information was requested from Huron, she was told that this information would not be forthcoming because Huron was paid with private funds, not state, funds.

No further business.

Respectfully submitted,

Molly Mulloy

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