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Faculty Senate - 03/24/16

Faculty Senate
March 24, 2016 - 3:30pm
Green Hall-Room 203


(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)



   I.       Approval of minutes from March 3, 2016

  II.      Report of Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker

 III.      Tobacco Free Initiative Endorsement

 IV.      Discussion of Faculty Code

  V.      FSRR 7.3

 VI.      Old Business

VII.      New Business



March 24, 2016 – 4:00 p.m. – 203 Green Hall

Approved as corrected April 7, 2016 (typographical errors under Report of the Faculty Senate and Tobacco Free Initiative. Under Article I Title “Body does not agree with “University Policy” and that term has been deleted”.

” was added for clarity.

MEMBERS PRESENT: Mike Williams, Mary Banwart, Philip Baringer, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Jim Carothers, Jay Childers, Jonathan Clark, Michael Davidson, Chris Elles, Charles Epp, Pam Fine, Christopher Fischer, Andrea Greenhoot, Lynn Hancock, Majid Hannoum, Joe Harrington, Pamela Keller, Paul Laird, Weishi Liu, Jason Matejkowski, Amalia Monroe-Gulick, Steve Padget, Meagan Patterson, Bill Staples, Dean Stetler, Belinda Sturm, Barbara Timmermann, Susan Williams, Lisa Wolf-Wendell

ABSENT: Tom Beisecker (excused), Kelly Chong, Lisa Friis, Kissan Joseph (excused), Jonathan Mayhew, Mario Medina, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan (excused), Angela Rathmel (excused), Roberta Freund Schwartz, Geraldo Sousa (excused);

ALSO PRESENT:  Maureen Altman and Kathy Reed, University Governance; Sara Rosen, Interim Provost; Mary Lee Hummert, Vice Provost for Faculty Development

In Tom Beisecker absence, Faculty Senate President-Elect Pam Keller called the meeting to order.  She noted that unfortunately the University Senate committee went overtime but Faculty Senate would get through as much of the Faculty Code as possible before 5:00. 

MINUTES for March 3, 2016 were approved.


Keller referred to her report at the preceding University Senate meeting: In Tom Beisecker’s stead, Pam Keller reported on yesterday’s COFSP (Council of Faculty Senate Presidents) meeting.  KBOR (Kansas Board of Regents) has created a website for students showing costs and earning data for each undergraduate degree program offered at a public university in Kansas.  KBOR states that it is the only website in the nation which combines cost as well as earning data.  COFSP is working on a process for determining cut off scores for CLEP and AP.  They are also working on having more direct communication, or possibly a presence, on TAAC (the Transfer & articulation Council), which determines credit across universities, to understand what is happening and provide input to the committee.  TAAC currently has a list of 70 courses which are approved for transfer.  FacEx continues to work on Faculty Code issues.  Ballots to vote for Faculty Senate members for FY17 will be sent electronically next Monday.  The question was asked whether the departments will still be able to make the determinations of how credit is given.  As Keller understands it, each university will have input in nominating faculty to TAAC and those faculty will have input in determining the cut off scores and/or, as members of TAAC, provide input for the council to make the transfer determinations.  Williams added that there is a yearly meeting that looks at the courses proposed to be added to the list of possible transfer credit courses; representatives from each institution meet to deliberate about the acceptable scores.

tobacco free initiative

Keller asked Senate to endorse the Tobacco Free Initiative Statement introduced by Jim Carothers. 


The University of Kansas Faculty Senate endorses the efforts and the principle of the movement to make the Lawrence campus tobacco-free.

Motion to endorse the Tobacco Free Initiative Statement: The University of Kansas Faculty Senate endorses the efforts and the principle of the movement to make the Lawrence campus tobacco-free.

Carothers/Barrett-Gonzalez.  Passed.


Motion that the body convene as a Committee of the Whole until 5:00 for the purpose of discussion of specific sections of the Faculty Code.  Williams/Carothers.  Passed.

Citing his motion, Williams objected to Jonathan Clark’s proposal that the senate discuss Item V on the agenda, FSRR 7.3.  Keller added that FSRR 7.3 could not be voted on today but was put on the agenda for possible discussion.  Keller reminded senate that at the last meeting they had gone through the Faculty Code line by line to determine where further discussion was needed.  Therefore this meeting would be for discussion and no voting would be done.  Williams added that the committee of the whole is virtually an open committee and recommendations will be returned to FacEx.

Keller began going through the items Faculty Senate had decided on at the last meeting.

Article I Title “University policy”

“Body does not agree with “University Policy” and that term has been deleted.  No further discussion needed”.

Article I Title “subject to the ultimate authority of the Chancellor”. (Substantive changes to this Code will be made only after approval by the Provost’s Office and Faculty Senate, subject to the ultimate authority of the Chancellor.)

Ron Barrett-Gonzalez explained that he had just received feedback from AAUP yesterday regarding the authority of the Chancellor/Provost contained in Article I Title.  He said AAUP’s language recommended by outside counsel is: “all changes to this code will be made only after approval by both (1) the Provost Office, subject to the ultimate authority of the Chancellor, and (2) the Faculty Senate.  Williams pointed out that that language violates the intent of state statutes, and Carothers added that the administration would not accept it.  Keller added that Rick Levy, the constitutional expert at the Law School, reviewed the provision and said that the language on the current draft is consistent with the law.  Some of the members felt senate should move on to the next item since this is a matter of state law which Faculty Senate has no control over.  Keller said that FacEx had agreed to add the provisions of the state law concerning the Chancellor’s authority to the title section of the Faculty Code. “subject to the ultimate authority of the Chancellor (Substantive changes to this Code will be made only after approval by the Provost’s Office and Faculty Senate, subject to the ultimate authority of the Chancellor subject to KSA 76-714 and 715" (per Harrington; KSA 76-725 is also a possible solution).  (Statutes are at the end of the minutes).

 In conclusion Keller said that the idea is to discuss each provision with the sense that Faculty Senate needs to go through all the provisions.   






No further business.  The meeting was adjourned at 5:04

Respectfully submitted,

Maureen Altman


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