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  • FacEx-Faculty Senate Executive Commitee 10/06/15

FacEx-Faculty Senate Executive Commitee 10/06/15

October 6, 2015 - 3:00pm
Provost’s Conference Room

University Governance Conference Room, 33 Strong Hall


(This meeting may be electronically recorded.)


  I.        Announcements


 II.       Approval of September 22, 2015 minutes


III.       Report of Faculty Senate President Tom Beisecker


IV.       KUAAP Master’s Program


V.        Ad Hoc Post Tenure Review Committee Interim Report


VI.       Library Open Access


VII.      Faculty Evaluation Policies


VIII.    Old Business

            Faculty Code


 IX.      New Business



Ad Hoc Committee on Post Tenure Review-Interim Report October 3, 2015

Faculty Evaluation Question





October 6, 2015 – University Governance Conference Room, 33 Strong Hall – 3:00 p.m.

APPROVED October 27, 2015

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Beisecker, Mike Williams, Pam Keller, Joe Harrington, Ron Barrett-Gonzalez, Amalia Monroe-Gulick

ABSENT: Sandra Gray (excused)

ALSO PRESENT: Maureen Altman, Kathy Reed, University Governance; Amy Smith, Policy Office; Mohammed El-Hodiri, AAUP.

FacEx Chair Tom Beisecker called the meeting to order and asked for announcements.  He announced that he will be going to Pittsburg State University next week for the KBOR meeting and that he will report back to FacEx.

MINUTES for September 22, 2015 were approved with the following changes under Old Business: Line 10, “Without” Pay corrected to read “With” Pay; Lines 15-17, “Keller felt the language in the current faculty code is more narrow but wondered if there is a way to narrow it the proposed code and still have further to please the administration the administration agree.  Williams agreed that the language in the current code is narrow…”


Beisecker reported on two major items.  He met with FRPR and gave them a sense of what FacEx wants them to do to review the Faculty Code, requesting they report back to FacEx by November 1.  Beisecker also met with Jan Sheldon (Chair of FRB and former Chair of FRPR) to discuss the proposed amendments to FSRR 7.3.  She has background on the amendment and will take it to FRB to develop a proposal.  Regarding the FacEx March 24, 2015 recommendation to table the issue until the Faculty Code is completed, Beisecker said that he and Sheldon would like to move forward with both but will try to avoid complications.  Ron Barrett-Gonzalez stressed the importance of the amendment since it addresses the mechanics of hearings. 

Beisecker asked Mike Williams if he had anything to report.  Williams met with Sara Rosen, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs to give her a heads up regarding the KUAAP discussion at the upcoming University Senate meeting on Thursday, October 8.  She showed him the redacted version of the Shorelight contract and shared the program’s numbers.  He learned that it wasn’t KU but Shorelight who closed access to the contract because they were working with other universities.  Williams pointed out that there were many good clauses in the contract and noted that if Shorelight fails to fulfill the contract, reimbursement to KU is in the millions. He alerted Rosen to some of the questions that will probably be asked at the meeting.  In answer to Barrett-Gonzalez’ question about statement of work, Williams said that he did not ask Rosen for a statement of work but suggested that since it was Barrett-Gonzalez’ question it would be better if, for clarity sake, he posed the question.

Regarding the Weapons Committee, Williams expressed how upset he was about the recent shooting in Oregon and cautioned that the committee must be careful not to lose its principles in order to make Topeka happy.  He added that the committee needs to hear all voices on campus.


Beisecker reported that in his role as the Communications Department Chair he had attended a meeting about the new KUAAP Master’s Program.  Williams confirmed that the program will be implemented.  Beisecker recapped information presented at the meeting: students can come from any discipline; they must have a 2.5 minimum GPA; a minimum 5.5 Toefl Score is required (KU’s minimum is 6.5); the program will work to  bring the students’ GPAs and language skills up to speed in a year; initially students would take three courses, two of which are “sheltered” (only with other students in the KUAAP Master’s Program); if students earn a 3.25 GPA in the three courses they are admitted to the KUAAP Master’s Program with no letters of recommendation and no personal statements; Shorelight thinks objective rather than subjective standards are better.  Beisecker said this needs review and asked the committee what they want to do.  In the discussion that followed FacEx voiced several questions about the program.  It was decided Sara Rosen should be asked for information at the October 8 University Senate meeting. 


Beisecker distributed the Post Tenure Review Committee’s first interim report.  In response to Chair Eve Levin’s question from the report, Beisecker said he will tell her that Governance can do the survey and that she should contact Kathy Reed.  Mike wondered how this would affect faculty privacy.  Monroe-Gulick pointed out that the committee doesn’t have to know the names and added that this is not a required survey.  It was noted that when OIRP conducts a survey confidentiality is assured but someone sees the names in order to implement the survey; in Governance only Kathy and possibly Maureen would see the names of faculty. 

Library Open Access

As an FYI Beisecker said he was contacted by a faculty senate president from another university requesting information about open access which they are considering adopting.  He said he found it interesting that their provost was concerned that some journals are charging high fees.  Monroe-Gulick said that people can apply for funds.  She suggested Beisecker recommend the faculty senate president contact Ada Emmett.  Beisecker said he already had Emmett’s name.

Faculty Evaluation Policies

Beisecker distributed an email from John Hoopes, Chair of Anthropology, who expressed concern about an administrator who requested former and current students to write teacher evaluations for an instructor without the instructor’s knowledge.  The consensus of FacEx members was that this isn’t good.  At Amy Smith’s suggestions, Beisecker said he will talk to Mary Lee Hummert (Vice Provost for Faculty Development) about it.

Old Business, Faculty Code

In response to Beisecker question about FRPR’s progress with the Faculty Code, Monroe-Gulick, who is on the committee, said that members are looking at the Faculty Code and will give feedback to the chair Kirk McClure.  The committee realizes that a reasoned response is essential; “we don’t agree” is not an adequate response.  She felt that the medical school’s code, which only allows “leave without pay” in the case of an instructor abandoning his/her class is good.  KState doesn’t address “leave without pay.”  Joe Harrington asked if the latest revision has been given to other senate members.  Beisecker said that the plan is to wait for FRPR’s report to avoid confusion.  Discussion followed about whether to distribute the revised document.  Ron Barrett-Gonzalez requested a vote to decide whether to have the document distributed for full Senate input before the November 1 FRPR report deadline.  The results were one in favor, 2 opposed, and one abstention (Harrington had left the meeting at 4:00 before the vote).  Monroe-Gulick asked that, for the sake of transparency, the document be made available if someone wanted to look at it.  Beisecker agreed.

New Business

Barrett-Gonzalez said that a replacement for Sandra Gray who is on Family Medical Leave this semester should be discussed at University Senate on Thursday.  Maureen informed him that the policy is that the person who had the next highest number of votes in last spring’s election would be the replacement.  Kathy told him that she has those names.        

No further business.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:25

Respectfully submitted

Maureen Altman

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